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Absolutely loved these little earrings. Until the backs came off. I was able to find them the first few times, and then after that they were lost.
Good....just slightly big for a 10 1/2 shoes size - I ordered the 10-13.
I actually bought this bag for my sister entering high school, and she loves it! It looks stylish and is sturdy enough to keep all your books and school supplies intact. Keep in mind though that this would work for you if your high school has lockers you can utilize. If you do have to carry all your textbooks and supplies with you (meaning your school does not provide lockers) do not get this bag. It is not large enough to give you the space you need. This means that I would not suggest this bag for college students who usually carry around many supplies. Overall, I am satisfied with the product! ;)
They arent the best fit more my face, but my face is strange so. The packaging was amazing as is the customer service. Very good value to quality! Highly recommend
These are great. Finally these shirt are being made longer so that after multiple washes, they don't untuck
Fits perfectly---just the way I Like sweatshirts to fit. Really love the color!
Great wallet! Exactly as described and so soft to touch. It had the number of card slots I needed and so many extra spaces as well. High quality leather and high quality snap and zipper.
love the coat
Great glasses, great service!
My very first clothe order came in early, I must admit I was shocked and delighted when I felt the material and how it fits me just perfect! I highly recommend this item!
I love the color and it is the perfect size for traveling.
This is my first product from RIVBOS, and I love these sunglasses. They are a huge step up from $5 Walmart polarized fishing glasses, and just a small step down from Oakleys. They come with the whole package of a case + bag etc. I got the black with mirror lenses and they work beautifully in the bright Texas sunlight.
The rubber-tipped ear pieces and nose-piece grips will keep them in place during a hurricane. I was a little worried about the size since I have a large head, but they fit great. The lenses probably won't last like Oakleys, but they are a fraction of the price.
My lenses where a little bent in the frame but diy straightening and almost looking new
Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. These earrings rust almost the moment you put them on/step outside. Each pair lasts a day max. Also, the clasps are oddly aligned.
Great product
Such a cute bag. Its a little bigger than I was looking for but I should have payed attention to that.
Glasses are good but lens got scratched the second day
Bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift. He loves it
good lite weight materiel. I use it while hiking in Nevada. My only complaint is that when the winds get too strong, the brim gets pushed down over my eyes.
These are good quality "plain" t-shirts. The fabric is uniform, thick, and not twisty. Not terribly stretchy, but that's not what I was looking for.
My name is Joel and I have a cheap sunglasses habit. It's not that I don't like nice sunglasses, I do but I lose and/or break my sunglasses regardless of price. So I've made peace with the fact that when it comes to sunglasses, I probably can't have nice things but with a budget limit of about $20 per pair, I will continue to try. This particular pair was purchases with running and cycling in mind. For that purpose the pros and cons are as follows:

-Pretty good form factor for cycling
-Light weight
-Nice case

-Other than the case, cheap feeling accessories
-Frames seem flimsy and are held together with screws
-Strong chemical smell

All in all, they're OK, but cheap sunglasses nirvana has not been achieved. We'll see what the next pair brings...
matches my backpack which is fun
Amazon is always the best, but asked me if I wanted the 7day trial period thing and after everything it was denied because I wont put actual bank info online, I buy alot usually with no issues , I prefer only geng ads I can do,i worked on 7 things for like a week just to be denied,
Excellent belt. Truly multiple sizes.. so slip or stretch...
Takes a bit to figure out how to get it to come loose but once you learn it easy to get off. Plastic buckle doesn't cut into my belly like the metal buckle.
I had bought a no buckle belt that was 45 bucks from Duluth it lasted about a year before Velcro came un attached...
Great price and does not come loose like it did.
Perfect for getting through security
These are really great socks, and they wear like iron. Unless they are unique, I only buy Gold Toe socks!
A little tight in the calf but good fit every where else.
It fits perfect and it does not become loose after wearing it the whole day
Just get them you will not be let down
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