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customize vans high tops

customize vans high tops

No matter what's happening in the world, it's never a bad time to show your employees you care with custom health essentials. Customize a variety of health & wellness products with your logo online in no time using our easy online designer. Create branded first aid kits, hot and cold packs, face masks, hand sanitizer and much more, or bundle your custom health & wellness products in one of our customize vans high tops for a gift pack that teams of all sizes will appreciate.

Custom health essentials make great trade show giveaways, employee & client gifts, race participant swag and even stocking stuffers! Browse our selection of health essentials and customize with your logo today.


But they do not fit in my warm weather
I love adidas performance boxer briefs. I've tried a few different brands lately and I going these to be the most comfortable and have the least ride up. They stay around the leg where they should and the fit is just right in the places that count. They are moisture wicking but I would like them more if they had more ventilation in certain spots
Bought for my spouse and its been a superb product. The magnet is super strong too.
Great hat. The patch feature works wells and large size fits my large sized head.
These are great quality socks; hands down. I highly recommend them. No sweat.
Beautiful! Just as pictured.
Awful wallet
Slim profile holds all my Credit Cards and love the zipper for security
I love these shorts. They seem to never get dirty so I can wear them many times before washing. Best I've ever owned for sure and fit perfect with the expanding waist.
They're pretty thick compared to your store bought brand socks. Nice and cozy fit
-Great wallet for both men and women
-The color is just as depicted in the pictures
-The wallet itself is very soft and made of a strong and quality material
-Comes with a ton of slots, enough to fit my many credit cards
-Even with every slot filled, the wallet closes flat and doesn't look too big or bulky
-Good size, about the size of the palm of my hand, It fits nicely into my pockets
-Great price, for a wallet alone, and it has RFID blocking technology
-Very light weight
-Easy to access cards and money in the wallet

No cons, this was a great buy!
Neck is a bit tight and uncomfortable--may improve with wear and stretching. The sweat wicking feature is impressive.
Great for fall, love these, great fit
Great hat. Yes, somewhat small

Durable. Will conform to whatever shape you form it to
Could use a little more material around the middle.
Bought it for myself and it was a great purchase.
Great sunglasses for the price!
Great quality and it fits my big head perfectly. Highly recommend this fine product!
Soft and comfortable feeling to me, my daughter likes them. 5yrs old, size 2 "Little Girls" shoes, these fit her just fine.
Great item . I have bought many here !!!
these socks cannot be beat for price, durability.
Good shirts. I didn't notice on the picture when I was looking at this item, there's no pocket on the front of the shirt. Just bringing that to people's attention in case they were hoping for one.
Good quality material but was too long for me when bought to fit neck and shoulders.
I've read all the bad reviews before getting these socks. My pairs had none of the problems they were talking about. No size inconsistencies, no holes and definitely not too thin? Apparently someone thought they were thin... They are pretty thick.

I have never seen a sock made to support the arch on the feet. The arch support design adds a lot of comfort. I have a 14 shoe size, so my feet are pretty big. It's hard to find good socks and shoes in standard stores. Never before have I worn socks that wrap perfectly around the foot not leaving extra stitching poking at my feet. So this is an awesome feeling to have when wearing socks!

Thank you, Dickies for making an amazing sock product! When the 12 pairs I bought wears out or goes missing, I will definitely buy more of these!
I'm pleased with the item!!!
They look great.
Fast shipping and as ordered. Great socks!
Didn't realize they where 100% cotton so after several hours of wear I don't like how the shirt stretches out.
The bag is a nice color and nice medium canvas fabric tat is not too stiff or too soft. Nice long and short strap included. Nice pockets and hidden pockets.
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