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footwear design sketchbook

footwear design sketchbook

LogoSportswear offers one-stop shopping for the largest selection of custom rugby shirts and custom rugby jerseys on the web, without minimums or set-ups. Start designing now!

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To make sure that your custom rugby shirts make the best, first impression, LogoSportswear makes sure your logo and personalization stands out with expert embroidery and printing. You can have your name, web address or logo embroidered on our custom rugby jerseys. Monograms are available in script or block lettering. Our prices include one placement embroidery. Additional embroidery placements (ie. left chest, right chest, across shoulders) are available for an additional fee. Use our convenient custom logo tool to send us your logo for a free evaluation.

See our large selection of rugby team uniform designs that will look great on your team's jerseys and t-shirts.

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My daughter loved her bracelet. It is dainty and cute. The beads are small and cute.
Purchased as a cotton shirt for mowing in Texas summer. It is loose as planned, breathes and allows air to move. Much cooler for the Texas heat. Washes and wears well.
pockets not sewn evenly,, and two months later just washed this and then noticed zipper is broken,,, going into the trash. cant return cause past return window.. truly disposable garment. pass on this brand.
Ease of use
I spend 8 hours a day on my feet. For the last 18 months I have shrugged off my Drs suggestion for support socks. My feet have hurt not ached, my ankle and knee joints ached. I felt exhausted because of it.
I've used these socks now for 3 weeks and they have made my working day much easier. I am more comfortable at work and don't come home feeling miserable. The only disappointing thing for me is that my feet still stink
I use them for everyday wear and work..
Advertised as temp shirts but they are less warm than my normal t's.
Worst. Swass. Ever.

Decent for exercising. Turns my junk into a swamp over the course of a normal day.
Great for in bed and around the house. Nice fit and keeps you warm
Cool glasses.... Im enjoying wearing it every opportunity I get. Awesome product for the price.
I ordered three medium Ultimate Heavyweight Fleece sweatshirts. All three were different sizes though labeled as medium. All three were large or larger. I have trusted this brand in the past. I am very disappointed that there was no warning that all three would be of different sizes though labeled the same and all three were enormous. Be aware of the sizing.
Super fun gift! My son in law wanted fun socks, and he loved these! They arrived quickly, in great shape and the pizza presentation box was perfect.
I ordered the socks, they arrived, they fit. I wish they were a little heavier material.
...and so far so good. It is what it is: two metal plates with a silicone band around it. I'm still not sure that I'm fully bought into the minimalist wallet thing quite yet though.

So far the cons are a) the cards are not as easy to pull out as a normal wallet, and b) the RFID works (this is a double edge) with the downside being that I've got to pull out my work badge every time I enter the building rather than just holding the bifold wallet up to the sensor.

The pros are probably tipping it over right now. I really like a) not having a bulky wallet for my commute every day and b) having security of my cards/money in my front pocket and safe (see RFID comment above) when traveling.

I haven't experienced cards getting scraped up, but it's been about a month so jury is still out on this.
The bag is very cute.
It has plenty of room without being bulky.
It has different zippered storage to help with organization.

The fabric is super slick and it's constantly slipping off of my shoulder (or my lap if I'm holding it).
The inside zipper in the back was broken when I got the bag.

I will definitely still use this bag since I do like it and have been needing something this size for a while, but it's not something I would order again based on my personal needs.
As advertised. Were repeat customers and still satisfied.
Love it! Perfect for my 8 year old son. No issues, easy for him to use and GREAT quality!!!
The case has too much depth and not enough length. I wear specs that are relatively large. I need a case that is two inches longer.
Cheap material.
Best set of retro type frames I have bought in a very long time. Ordered four different shades.
Comfi, wont go wrong with these.
I love it! Beautiful, shiny,colorful stretch stackable bracelets. They're all different shades of pink,purple,gold, and all beautifully unique from one to the next. Looks just like the picture. High quality and affordable. Goes perfect with all my boho outfits.
The quality seems good for the price, just fit larger than er
I absolutely love this wallet!!
I like the fit
Great socks!
quality hat.people have issues with it but thats their issues
My husband really liked these. Got them for his bday
They really helped with night driving.
I would recomend them to anyone.
Feels so soft!!
At least it has lots of space! Unfortunately, the bag is not quality made. One of the zippers broke off because there were no metal brackets keeping the piece on its track and the stitching on the strap came undone, causing my purse to fall off my shoulder mid-stride... all within a week of purchase! No, I was not carrying around my brick collection, just the normal stuff (wallet, phone, sunglasses, and chapstick).
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