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diy fabric marker

diy fabric marker

Promotional pens are hands-down one of the best-selling promotional products of all time. But why is that? Custom pens with a logo are an easy, inexpensive way to leave your mark and your brand behind after meetings or trade shows. Select a pen below and start designing online immediately - it's easy!

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Marketing pens are a product that sticks around for years - a regular reminder of your company to anyone writing with it. What better way to feature your logo than on a promotional pen? You probably have at least one, if not multiple company logo pens floating around your office or home - they make great gifts, tradeshow giveaways, and branded office supplies.

At LogoSportswear, you can customize retractable pens, stylus pens, pens with screen cleaners on them, and much more. Customize a few pens for your office, or order wholesale promotional pens for your next trade show or event - get started creating your own in our online designer today!

Theyre cute but they only last for one wear. After one wear they turn red/brown.
Super cheap but I guess you get what you pay for.
I sent my purse back. It said it was leat6; but, it looked like plastic. It had plenty of pockets/zippered areas, and was a nice size - not too big or too small. It just looked cheap on the outside to me.
Pouch didnt fit like its supposed to. Way to big. Had to tighten it all the way just to keep it on. The strap starts to get loose once you have any weight in it. Ive had multiple carhartt pouches that work great but this one did not.
Nice shirts but they are way too big!
Good quality hat and long lasting
Good quality and price. Fits very good.
Bought for my son and daughter. They can wear a long time. They always run on the playground. The socks are wearing resistent
Had no suport and was flat
I used this for travel in Peru and it performed as expected.

All it really needs is an actual pocket. You can tuck stuff in the lining without it falling out but there's always that risk
So far its holding up to me, no scratches holding my cards.
It fits
The wallet had some scuff marks on it. Otherwise I would give it a five star rating
These were real handy while I was healing for a broken wrist and then again after having shoulder surgery. I could hardly button my pants let alone fasten a belt.
I still use these now on my offroad motorcycle riding pants and have become a regular part of my gear.
As a big guy I need larger sizes to deal with my waistline. While these pants fit pretty well they tend to ride a bit lower than I'm used to which leads to me constantly having to hike them up.
Fit as expected, good quality, definitely will get more, I wear shoes size 13 and they are big enough
good fit
I bought this as a 2nd press, I have one permanently mounted and this one bolted unto a redwood board and clamp it to a bench for out of the way and different reloading stations. Change the the die and setup and Ur turret will do the rest.
I really liked the multiple storage areas shown for this wallet. However, if you were to store a phone in it, along with a few cards & cash, the zipper would definitely break. I didn't even try to store my phone in it, only cards & cash, and it kept breaking the zipper. I was able to fix it by reversing the zipper all the way and slimming down the amount stored, but I am disappointed that I cannot carry everything I use on a regular basis inside of it.
I absolutely love these
Good Quality
I absolutely love this necklace. Its actually my favorite... Its a nice size and it hasnt turned yet and that says a lot because I swear due to me having to walk 8 blocks to and from work. But at night I wipe it with a cloth and put it away. If I get a chance, Ill show a picture.
Granddaughter loved it she thought it was an awesome gift
Runs large. Baggy cut, hood doesn't cover forehead, fabric is cooler and little more breathable than the Baleaf and ArcTeryx. Sleeves are relatively short for the body length.
Not too thick, not too thin. Its perfect for everyday use or work use as well. Perfect basic tees.
But the hat was excellent in all other aspects, so I purchased a second one just one size smaller and it fits perfectly. The first one was returned with no complications. Thanks.
Crap. The mirror finish on the lenses rubbed off the first time I cleaned them with a soft dry cleaning cloth. The mirror finish is now completely gone in the center of the lenses and is progressing outward with every cleaning. Rubbish.
Purchased these at a significant discount. They were too small for me but son has been using and says they are ok.
The wallet came in a very nice presentation box and looked smaller than I expected. As I started emptying my old wallet which had lots of slots, I organized the cards and IDs into small piles to put in the new wallet. I was very surprised when not only did everything fit but the new wallet loaded was thinner than my old empty bi-fold wallet. I carry this wallet as I have always done in a rear pocket and it's very comfortable but now I also have the option of comfortably sticking in a front or shirt pocket as desired.
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