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designer shoes wide width

designer shoes wide width

There's no better way to wow an employee or a client than the gift of a custom promotional notebook. Get started by uploading your logo or design now or customize branded notebooks from scratch with free design templates in our online designer!

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Whether it's for keeping meeting notes, to-do lists or organizing your thoughts, company branded notebooks are a lightweight, practical, affordable item for any employee, team member, or client. Shop custom logo notebooks that have phone pockets, pen holders, ribbon bookmarks, and much more! For anyone who still loves old school pen and paper, branded notebooks are a no-brainer. We can help you elevate your brand with a custom embossed notebook or a custom printed journal.

Need help deciding what to purchase, or assistance placing a large order for your company? You've come to the right place! Our customer support representatives are ready to help you customize an order everyone will love.

You pay for what you get..
I don't understand how these are getting 5 stars. The material is very flimsy. After one time on gentle cycle in the wash and low heat in the dryer they already have little holes forming on the leg part and the seams are fraying. Sturdier than tissue paper but not much. They are pretty much garbage after just one wash. Complete waste of money. Buy at your own risk.
Screws are poorly made. Save your money
It is hot here in South Texas in summer and I got these for work shorts. They are working well and stay up well.
It appears to be a quality shirt however for the size expected, it was too large.
I think my headline should speak for itself.
Love the colors, the price, the wearability.
Overall was happy with purchase. It was alittle small for me. The lining in the inside doesnt go to the ends of the purse. I do love the strap.
great product
The wallet I received looks nothing like the picture, very poor material I do not recommend buying this wallet. The texture of the wallet feels awful a duct tape wallet would have been better, waste of $16!
I like the convenience of having my license on the outside of the wallet.
But I dislike the fact that the wallet could be a little bit bigger. Not able to carry much change in it.
Good for the price
Great quality! Highly durable!
Great product. I liked it better than i thought i would. The bottom is magnetic. I like the color, the fur lining.
Absolutely love it. My grandmother passed away from leukemia two years ago, and I love being able to wear this bracelet in honor of her.
Bottom line, it's a watch. However, for the price, it's a five star because frankly it's the only watch my nine year old daughter will wear. She even sleeps with it on. She's had it for a few months now and there have been no defects or issues with it at all. Frankly, it's just a simple cheap digital watch but with color changes it's something kids like to wear. Five starts when put up against any other $12 watch!
Thick and comfortable socks
love the purse but the pocket for the cell phone isn't long enough or strong enough to hold the phone..
Waist fit is fine. But, the pants inseam is too long for me (waist 32, height 5'8". The legs are also very baggy. The fabirc feels and looks more like underwear. Around the house they are okay.
Vet nice thanks
Theses jeans wear well and fit exactly as described
Cute, true to size.
Both of my daughters (8 and 9. Yrs old) got infections in their ears after wearing these for a few hours. They had had their ears pierced for a few years and using a higher end stud due to metal allergies. These were labeled specifically for this. I had cleaned their ears and earrings prior to putting them in, but within hours both girls had pain. After changing back to their previous studs and thorough cleaning we let it be. By the next morning both girls had pus coming out of their piercing holes. We had to eventually let their ears heal up and close after trying to continuously clean and eventually going to the doctors office. Do not purchase these. We had specifically bought them because they were labeled hypoallergenic. They are cheap garbage. Not worth the doctor and prescription bills these caused.
Good quality but a bit larger than the carhart shirts bought in store & thicker fabric. My guy wasn't sure if he liked it yet. May be a cheaper imitation.? Not sure though
As expected
I legit sleep with it every night I love this blanket sweatshirt thing so freaking much.
I like the simplicity of it. the pull tab is rather addicting to play with. Holds 3-4 cards perfectly.
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