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custom t-shirt label tags

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Just what I thought it would be.
The POCKets are very small. The right side pocket is way too far aft, too close to your butt, so when you sit down, what ever is in there is being sat on. The other pockets are too small as well.
The BELT loops are waaaay too small. I bought a Heel belt from amazon which I love.
It's only 1.25" wide. I can't use it on these shorts. I can only use small 3/4" wide belts. Dumb.
There is only one side utiliity pocket.
I have several other Dickies uniform style pants, even though they are uncomfortable, esp in summer, they are somewhat useful
in the pocket category. .. but not their shorts like these.
I like these tight tanks for the gym. Sleeves drive me nuts if Im doing presses of any kind. So far have held up well and the US sizes are pretty standard-fit well.
This bracelet is such great quality for the price! I had been looking at a variety of brands and saw this one recommended by a friend, so I gave it a shot. Was so pleasantly surprised by how cute this is in person. Cant wait to wear it out!
The bag looks cute and thats about it...
Couldnt hold most of my stuff and within a week the front zip was busted...
Waste of my money...
Dont waste your money...
Love em , Added to my Oakley Flak Jackets and they held up since purchase - fit and color is nice - not much else to say.
It's perfect. Good quality and lots of space.
Great value. My teen son loves these.
Soft quality leather, well crafted and good looking. Worth the extra few dollars.
Stitching comes undone almost immediately after a couple of uses. There are better prices and products found elsewhere.
Really liked this bag until today when the zippers broke and the side pocket started to fall apart. Not happy.
Really pretty charm.
Fit is great and very comfortable !
I just received my pair of sunglasses , I really liked them, good quality , perfect price , really useful up there...
Good quality
It fit the way it is suppose to.
Quality pants and really soft. I bought two pair and plan to buy more.
They delivered it to my neighbors house!!!!!!!!!
Good overall medium size purse. Casual and fun. Color goes well with so many things to wear.
Very nice. Same as described.
Great quality
They fit a wide head. A good value for the money.
Was a gift for my 16 yo son who was getting his driver's license for the first time. Very nice wallet. Leather is good quality, looks like it will hold up well. Box was nice for a gift, just a l little wrapping paper and done. I would recommend based on the first week.
These pants are garbage. The first time you wash them they are completely covered in lint and fuzz so bad that they are not wearable again. I even washed them alone and on delicate cycle. My son is so bummed because he absolutely loved these joggers. I am sending them back for a refund. Very misleading and very unsatisfied. Very very very poor quality.
love them
Still getting used to tighter sweats but I think its an upgrade. Good quality fit just right.
I love these sunglasses, I get complicated on them quite often and they're at a super great price!
Only wore these once so far for a Wedding and they did the job. I'm a bug guy 6'4 315 pounds and they held up. Will use these out in the woods while cutting down trees for firewood instead if a belt I keep fighting on every move.
Great quality and the color of the bow tie and suspenders match perfectly. Impressed with the price! Ordered it for my sons Swirl Dance.
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