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diy clean white leather shoes

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Close Today's Offer Your Design diy clean white leather shoes No thanks — I don't feel like saving money
My favorite scarf, i use it all the time for hiking/camping/being outside in general
Lying to customers, poor business practice by enticing customers to write false 5-star ratings. Glasses are fine.
Good glasses. Made in China.
I Received Fast and accurate service. Great job!!!! Keep providing awesome customer service which is rare these days. Happy Holidays!
My daughter loves it!
I like the way they fit on my foot
Good quality and comfortable!
My husband likes this jacket. The sleeve/wrist holes fit tighter around his wrists that other jackets he has looked at and they are just what he was wanting!!
Fits as expected.
Works as advertised, no problem with fit or function. Nice!
This product is very well made. Exceeded expectations. It fit in my over the shoulder purse which was a added bonus. It fit all of my cards, check book and other items I need to carry.
I love this item! I have been wearing it everyday since I got it!
Buen producto
Great space
The color did NOT match the picture. The color said dark gray so I thought it would match the pciture and look close to black, what I got was more like a light gray... Not dark at all.
Works nice, pockets are sticky seal not button up and right size, use it for work, works nicely.
These are super soft shirts. However they are sized small and the color is definitely off, i ordered a brown shirt and a tan,what i got was 2 different colors of green shirts.
Priced to kill, great stuff dry and that's all that counts.
First I order the red one and got a brown instead. The company contacted me and fix the problem. Really nice bag. Super cute. Love it
Super cute, definitely worth the price.
While it's too big to carry in my purse it holds so many cards that I use it to keep track of all of my credit cards, gift cards, extra medical cards, etc.
Fantastic product
These are the best socks available for boots, trail shoes, hiking boots etc. I bought my first pair in a military clothing sales store for $14. You can buy cheaper socks - but you get cheap socks. These hold up well under tough use. I now have 6 pair & have gotten rid of my Cabelas socks, 5.11 socks & every other brand I bought in my pursuit for the best!!
Hands down the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. The best part is the material on the inside that you can't see in the pictures. It's like putting your foot in the warm furry bosom of a soft cuddly forest creature. These keep my feet warm, but they also let them breathe so they don't feel suffocated or sweat. Highly recommended, buying another set!
That was a shate already damage
Great quality! Perfect present for dad!
I love this purse. The pockets and storage are great. The zippers and straps are study and well made.
Very well made but a lot smaller than I wanted it to be but my best friend loved the gift regardless!
Hems come apart.
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