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diy velvet shoes_diy shoes with sharpies

Much better quality than I expected. I did get the wrong year for the tassel, but it was immediately replaced. Extremely happy with this purchase.
Really awesome socks. Hands down best socks I own, will be buying more soon.
Perfect fit, smaller faces, super cute and good quality and comes with a case
My husband loves them.
Good price a bit large for a medium
These joggers are a great fit. I am very picky when it comes to these jogger pants but these fit perfect. They aren't slim so they fit all regular sized people at a comfortable fit. My favorite. I'm 6,1 about 210 and a large fits great with a little room to spare.
Two of my Timberland socks ripped in the heel area in less than one year. These socks are average at best.
Large enough to carry all my day to day items for work.
Good quality and good size.
Awesome quality. Ordered 5 and have already used them all. Great product.
They run a size small and the tall might be 1 inch longer
I'm 6'7" 320lbs and have a 51" chest and a 34" inseam. I wear a 3XL in Port and Company so I figured I'd try the 3XLT in this brand. I was swimming in them; the length of a 90's LA gangster rapper.

Don't need all the room in the gut, so I'm going to try the 2XL as the 3XLT was practically past my butt cheeks.

For tall, more built guys looking for shoulder/chest room this may be a good cheap find but definitely consider going a size down.

Update: So I ordered the 2XL thinking it would be a perfect fit and indeed out of the packaging it was. Wore it around the house to feel it out and it just fit great. Decided to get the manufacturing sheen off of it so sent it through the wash. What came out wasn't the same shirt. It was shrunk in all sorts of weird ways and easily an inch shorter at the waist. VERY OBVIOUS these shirts aren't pre-shrunk prior to being sold.

I'm already a hard fit and I don't keep extra clothes I don't wear so yes even a $10 t-shirt is important to me that it fit right for daily wear and I can't say these do anything good. Almost feels like a bait and switch for taking such a wonderfully fitting shirt out of the bag, washing it, and pulling a different shirt out of the dryer!

I have a beat-up old Port and Company core cotton shirt that has held it's shape MUCH better than this shirt did after one wash.
Xmas gift..so not sure how he will like it
A little bit on the small side.. Look like knockoffs
Cute but not sturdy. My 3 year old lost one in the bed first night wearing them. The next day when I put it back in her ear it easily bends out of shape. Almost broke.
Small. Great product though
comfortable, stylish, cheap. thanks
For one, these actually made my feet sweat way more. The fabric is cheaper than the regular socks and very thin, so they’re prone to ripping or loosing cushioning pretty quickly. Really disappointed in these!
The inseam is too short for men over 5'8" , I take mine to a seamstress and have them let out as far as they can go, and they are still about an inch short(I am 6'2"). In addition, it only has 5 belt loops instead of 6 or 7. Other than that they are Great Shorts and the price is very good.
Just what I needed perfect
Great, daughter loves it.
Colors washed out of the collar after wearing it only once. I was really disappointed and had hoped for better. I felt like the size ran large and the collars don't seem to have much form.
Beautiful wallet
I've needed a new wallet for quite some time, but couldn't find one that was JUST what I wanted. I love this wallet! The dark red color is beautiful, the leather is soft, it holds all my credit cards, etc., yet it is still a slim fit for my purse. Couldn't be happier!
I used these as face coverings because of the pandemic. Not only do they do the job, but it ups my biker gang street cred. So, much cheaper than buying disposable masks
This product was different in each of the 3 pairs of boxer briefs. 1 was too tight in the thigh, 1 constantly rides up, and 1 was shorter than the other 2. Inconsistent, and I certainly won’t be buying these again.
A little loose still after washing
Great value for the money. I’ve repurchased this item multiple times, different sizes and metals for me and my daughters. It’s my go to for studs!
I just received this along with pants and another sweatshirt of different colors and they fit and feel great!
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