brown Black Kids Running Shoes|shoe tying designs_shoelaces tying styles

shoe tying designs_shoelaces tying styles

Its adorable, I love it!!
I really like these socks. The colors are great, price is great and they fit my 10.5 foot well. I prefer these over my overpriced bombas socks.
Great purse so much spaces for cards. quality material made from colour is the same as picture and it hold my Galaxy Note 10x+.
I'm going to get another for my friend.
Very well made. I love it!
Good, just that the surface of the cloth is a little rough.
I haven had it long. So far I like it, cute bag. Hope it holds up seems Kind of cheaply made But so far so good.
The bracelet is beautiful, great quality. I would definitely purchase again from this seller.
Parece interesante . Mucho no lo probamos pero anda bien
great fit and extra pockets are great, too
The width of the legs are too wide. I really dislike the look while on
Looks great and feels great. No complaints
I ordered mine a bit to large but not so large I cant wear them. These a really good quality I will for sure be buying more!!
I love very thing about them, however I wish the yellow was dit darker.
I have purchased three of these hats to date. Not because they have ever worn out, but because they get stolen when I set them down. I work for a kids camp and schools as a teacher and they survive the rigors of life. They are flexible and even the wire around the rim bends back into place. This means when kids take them, they get stepped on, sat on, or run over I can always re-bend the hat to the proper shape. The bendable rim also means I can easily bend them down when driving a vehicle without a windshield to keep the rain or sun out of my eyes.

They are also fairly waterproof. They do eventually leak around the seams so I rub a wax or leather waterproofing product back onto them and that seems to do the job.

I have and would certainly purchase this hat again!
Great wallet. I was looking for a thin but versatile wallet and this is the one I should have got a few wallets ago. Also helps when the description matches what you receive in the mail.
Warm fleece, comfortable waistband.
Large were way too small and extra large are way too big in waist.
I wanted something permanent. The description states that it is either a peel and stick or iron-on. It was not iron-on. Only peel and stick. I dutifully ironed them on but they fell off in the washing machine. I am not interested in having to replenish these every couple of months. Very disappointed that they were not the permanent iron-on variety as advertised.
Not kid friendly!
The best hat ever
Badass sunglasses will be using them on my upcoming cruise cant wait!
Great colors and fits perfect. Delivery was swift and on time.
This purse is so much nicer than I expected for the price. I love the weathered look and can only expect that as it ages it will look even better. The strap is long enough to cross over the body with more than enough length. It’s very well made and I am totally satisfied with this purchase. I would give this as a gift anytime.
Cross body bags are never kind to those who are short and well-endowed on top. Other bags' thin straps like to wedge themselves in the cleavage, leaving an unattractive gorge between your girls. This bag's generous 3 inch wide strap (!!) rests comfortably across your chest and also works well as an over the shoulder bag.

*I can't fully recommend this for taller women. I'm 5'4" and it lands perfectly on my hip. If I were taller, the non-adjustable strap may feel too short against the torso.
Great quality and hard to find in stores.
Are you kidding me? these are some of the best socks I have owned. They are soft but squeeze where they are suppose to. They have been through the wash a few times and look exactly the same. I am truly impressed. I am picky with my socks but these take the cake. Adidas did a great job and they are worth every dime. They fit exactly how I expected them. Just over the ankle.
Not all were long. Some came with a lot of stringns hanging out
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