Awesome wolf All Over Print Cotton Backpack|designer flat shoes for work_designer flat shoes italy

designer flat shoes for work_designer flat shoes italy

So far I like it.. Its gonna be a preasnt for my daughter when she Truns 2
Seams began to unravel after a single normal wash
Love these! Bought for my father and husband. They love them; will purchase more!
Fits well
This is the highest quality wallet I have ever owned. I used to buy wallets from Target or some other department store. They were always made from genuine leather, faux leather or *gasp* polyester. I know, I know. Well when the inside lining of my last Target wallet ripped I decided I wanted to step up my wallet game. I decided on the Serman Brands RFID blocking slim wallet because it had great Amazon reviews. The full grain leather was the way to go since it was the highest grade of leather, therefore the classiest.

I received my wallet and was not disappointed. The quality was excellent. Anyone who has ever felt full grain leather compared to genuine leather knows the full grain is far superior in style and feel. I was very impressed; happy to show my new classy wallet off to friends and family.

Then tragedy struck. My daughter came to me distraught one fateful Saturday. "Father, father." she said to me, tears in her eyes. "Please forgive me father but it appears, whilst attempting a transaction using your debit card at our local drug store, the convenient card pull strap on your new Serman Brands wallet broke." I calmly wrapped her in my arms. Consolingly I said "Never you mind my sweet child, for I have ordered it on Amazon. I shall simply contact the seller and ask for an exchange."

I contacted Serman Brands hoping to receive an RMA to return the old wallet at my expense. Secretly, I was fearing that Serman may simply say "Tough luck." and I would be stuck with a damaged, albeit classy wallet. The following Monday Serman sent me an email. My eyes grew large and my hopeful heart leaped for joy as I read it. Serman sent me a brand new wallet through the USPS, no questions asked. In return they simply request I send them a picture of the old, defective, albeit classy wallet. I'll tell you now Amazon review reader I sent them three pictures, not just the one.

I have yet to receive my new, classy wallet; it is currently in transit. I cannot wait for the chance to show my new full grain leather RFID blocking Bifold Slim wallet to all of my friends and family. I will also be telling them of the excellent customer service of Serman Brands.

Edited for spelling.
Nice wallet
It is lovely
Zipper tag broke. 2 day I used it. Side pockets do not snapped. Material inside zipper pocket gets caught.
This was a BIRTHDAY GIFT TO MY COUSIN FROM ME IN NYC , shipped to NORTH CAROLINA AND IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK!!!!!! I’m not sure what to do, I’m here they’re there, it is a total inconvenience!!!!
Huge hit with my nieces!
My husband was getting sore heels sometimes and these well-cushioned socks seem to have fixed the problem. They fit well and stay up, so we're happy!
My husband loves this!
I've been purchasing these scrub pants for the last 3 or 4 years. They're my favorite of all the ones I've tried, and I think look the best for men. They have great cargo pockets, a spot for pens, nicely deep hand pockets, and a zipper! I'll continue to buy them despite the mixed quality of stitching. That's always the fail point - the seams of the pockets fray and open and I've had hand pockets that were different sizes making it difficult to fit my right hand into. I have had to hand sew occasionally due to thread failure on the pockets. But, I'll still buy them unless I find something better
For a Christmas present- but they look great!
I nice wallet, but enormous. I had to return it due to its width and girth. It's beautifully made, but just too big for me.
Had no problem with this purchase. My husband likes the socks a lot.
Great quality and love the matching hat
Looked very nice
Great fit...nice material and great colors.
As stated and good price.
So far has made my bike commute easier. I bike about 15- 20 minutes down to about 30 degrees. I have not yet had the opportunity to bike in colder weather but will as winter approaches.

Little tight slipping over my head, but I feel that is necessary for using it as a face mask.
Great t shirts
My niece loved it.
Best underpants I've ever owned. I travel a lot and I wash these in a giant zip-loc bag that I've put a dab of liquid detergent in. I can wash 4-5 of these in hot water, rinse in hot water, dry in the hotel room overnight, and then pack up. Can't do that with cotton grundies.
My husband loved the fit and it is super warm..
Honestly, I was skeptical. I had been seeing advertisements for the Ridge Wallet but didn't want to invest the money. I've been through two other styles of front pocket wallets that didn't quite work out. After a few weeks with this wallet, I couldn't be happier - especially for the price. Like others have said, the cards are a little tight. At times it's hard for me to get cards in and out as quickly as I would like. That's a minor complaint about what's otherwise been perfect for me.
Perfect fit every time.
I never knew that it was so hard to make good underwear until I went through 5 brands of boxer briefs with various problems. They had waistbands that were too tight, material that stretched out by the end of the day, rough material, or just awkward fits with pressure in the wrong places. These briefs have none of those problems and are very high quality.
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