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custom nike turfs_customize turf shoes

Great fit and great quality
Really nice hat. Keeps my head nice and cool. Comfortable. Nice design with great stitch.
Fit was terrible. Fabric was uncomfortable.
Nice and heavy, and my friend wears it all the time. It was a great gift.
Nice colors, soft fabric.
They felt nice at first , although just a little small , but after a couple of wash/dry cycles they are just too snug
for an XL.
Not very rommy. Feel like I'm going to be losing items so I constantly am carrying it by the handles which iratates me cause I love using the shoulder strap on purses. I do love the color and style.
Shirts were a little wide for my body, but overall nice quality.
I've used a slim wallet similar to this one for years but time and wear dictated getting a new one. This wallet has some changes/improvements over my previous one including, The ID (driver license) pocket is on the inside while my old one was on the outside and there's also an additional card pocket compared to my old one while still remaining a very slim wallet. The quality of this wallet appears very good and the leather has a soft rich feel. It's a very good looking wallet and I expect it will be durable. I'm pleased with this purchase.
I am 5-08, 150 pounds, and my waist size is 32 in. The medium size shorts I received fit me well.
Love the fit, and the sturdiness of the pants.
Great glasses. They have that classic look with an updated fit that is more comfortable than the original Wayfarer.
I have worn Levi brand jeans for over 50 years...the material and construction of my recent purchase is superior to the jeans they were selling a few years ago.
When I first put these shorts on, I was happy with them. They are lightweight and comfortable. Then, after washing them one time, the button came off. I sewed it back on. The second time I washed them, one of the belt loops came off. Obviously the quality of the construction is horrendous.
Very stylish. Lenses are very clear.

One thing to note: these are large frames. I have a fairly large head (7 3/8 hat size) and these are arguably a little too large for me. Another thing to take into consideration: since the lenses are glass, these are not going to feel like a pair of Foster Grants from the local CVS. They have some heft to them, although they are (for me) still comfortable for extending wearing.

But bottom line: if you are in the market for a top notch dressy pair of sunglasses. these are about as good as you can get.
wrong color was supose to be black
I wanted a structured purse that was smaller than my usual totes and I saw this one at a great price. This bag is perfect and I love all the pockets. I normally prefer leather but this bag looks just as tasteful. I especially like the height of the bag because I wanted to be able to carry my baby camel-back water bottle or thermos. The middle compartment is great for cosmetics. I got the dark blue bag which is very tasteful and the interior is light enough that I can easily see the contents. I also like the silver hardware as I dislike gold or brass. The magnetic clasp seems strong but I doubt I will use it much. I noticed the price significantly increased since I purchased mine so I don't know if I would pay more than 50 dollars for it but if you can get it at a great price, it's definitely worth it.
I can add an ipad mini, phone, glasses, wallet, cosmetics/toiletries and more.
I can sling this over my shoulder but the straps aren't so long that I have to and I'm only 5'2
I bought this for myself because I'm in love with NINAQUEEN charms. This product is beautiful and I'll keep it BUT is not as described or as picture shows. I'm attaching the pictures of what I pink on my Kaola. I encountered the same problem with the puddle charm ordered from them.
I still love their charms, but I'm a little disappointed for not getting what I was expecting.
Is definitely a lot nicer in person . I am very satisfied with this wallet
Bought this for our son and he loves it! He got one for Christmas last year but a different brand, and he loves this one a lot better. We also are an American flag family so it’s perfect.
Worked perfect for our wedding party!
Forgot I had ordered this for my granddaughter little big she’s 5 but she still love it I would definitely recommend
great quality perfect fit
It looks like a fake one!Its not an original!
Shirt is great quality
i have only been carrying this bag several days & have received compliments. I was expecting a bag that is mostly blue. The color is more accurately described as Aqua/Teal, but it goes well with jeans. The painting is esquisite and the construction & quality of the leather & lining is excellent! The reason I have rated it 4 stars is due to the size of the outside side pockets. They are not much wider than a small notepad. The back outside zip pocket accommodates my IPhone 6 Plus, but I have to place & turn it to fit inside. Overall it's a lovely bag, but it's a bit smaller than the medium bags I usually carry.
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