Parrot Cross-Body Bags|custom made t shirts for dogs_custom t shirt for dog

custom made t shirts for dogs_custom t shirt for dog

good for show your picture and jewelry as a display bag
This purse is ok. It’s about $20. Expect it to be nothing more. The material inside was stiff, and it smelled funny. I boxed it up, and will return. I’d rather have my $20.
Great fit, great price, fast delivery, very happy.
The perfect gift for my granddaughter who loves owls.
Keeps my pants up. Looks exaclty like whats pictured.
Fit was large and the fabric was much more see-through than other white scrubs I've purchased from different brands. Will be returning.
Product was what advertised
Great wallet for a great price!
I have tried them all, hanes most consistent, would not consider any other brand, no I have never worked for hanes or any other clother
I bought this for an international trip and it was great! Very secure, lightweight, and convenient.
this is great for my husband when he did not want to wear a mask. it is not great COVID protection when used alone, but for those stubborn men, mine was willing to wear a surgical mask under this pull up (finally). Ladies - i see a lot of men out shopping and not wearing masks, this can help encourage them to stay safe.
Perfect for cold weather
2nd Ord: I gave it another try & reorder, figured I can use a small black purse now this Jan order came with the strap. (Yay) I'm looking at the strap to see if I have to air it out since I was airing out the purse which had a little bad smell. The strap is peeling. Must be plastic for over $80 company needs to do better. I will never buy from them again & will return for 2nd time. Sad cause purse is nice just expensive & smaller than I wanted. Can't trust the quality of this purse for everyday use.

December: I ordered two the black and the sorrel colors. Although they are much smaller than I'd like I would've kept the black one; only because I was originally in the market for a black purse. When I opened the black, small black sheddings fell out onto my bed. (just don't know where from) I immediately wondered how much I paid for this bag because it's not worth no more than $30. Also the long strap isn't there. Now there was nothing wrong with the sorrel one-Don't like color. I noticed that it was wrapped diffrently. Everything was covered. I believed the black must've been a return because some places didn't have protective coverings but on the sorrel bag that was not the case. I'm returning them both.
My husband loves these, he wears them as undershirts and regular shirts. He likes the front pocket because he feels that makes them versatile to wear as an outdoor or undershirt. He usually wear them to the grocery store. I like them because they clean up well and don't have those itchy tags in the back. Plus they don't get destroyed in the wash.
Impossible to keep penis in hole constantly pops out just like Sheath.
They are what I needed .Work excellent
Fit my son as described. He wears a size 2 kids.
Love this Bag.. soft and not to big but big just the right size
The fit is a hit as the V reveals the crux of my tat.. The material wraps you in comfort.
Economical, I wear one of these every day.
Will have to buy again but not for a year as these shirts last..
These shirts were part of the assorted pack. To my delight, they were all shades of green. My husband uses these shirts to work in and we buy these shirts every few months without fail. They are very sturdy and hold up well.
Great cross was a birthday present she loved it
I ordered Relaxed Fit Wrangler Jeans, not once, BUT TWICE, receiving Regular Fit Jeans instead! And although I tried to communicate that fact after receiving the first shipment, which was returned, the second shipment arrived with the same style Regular Fit jeans.
Apparently, the powers that be do not understand that there is a difference. That's why relaxed fit Wrangler Jeans say Relaxed Fit
on the outer label, as well as the tag sewn on the inner waist band. I had let this same occurrence slide once before with a different style Wrangler, a lighter weight Jean for the summer heat... BUT, I am not going to accept this again! I will now only shop for clothing in the stores where I can be certain I am purchasing the product I truly want.
This comment is NOT a reflection of the product, I will most definitely continue to wear Wranglers...I simply won't purchase them on line. SCT
I use them almost everyday as they do wick away moisture in this HOT weather we have.
I bought 3 of them , very quality hats , fits perfect
These are so cool and I love the case that comes with it!
Love the comfort and versatility these glasses deliver while providing ultimate protection for my eyes!
Great sunglasses for the price! The pink color is a perfect shade!
Hard to find just white for girls sometimes - this was a good buy and I am pleased to have found it!
These glasses are great for fishing for me. They have great polarized lenses that allow me to see under the water. Their style is more of a fancy kind by intergrating wood into their product.
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