Green laurel Women's Capris|best adidas sneaker_best adidas style shoes

best adidas sneaker_best adidas style shoes

My fiancé loved this ring. It was as nice as a ring from the jewelry store!
Absolutely good for keeping your keys in check. No noise or clattering when you walk around with your keys. The App works well too. I have been using it two weeks and I have not recharged it as yet. With 8 keys
Wife and daughter love it
They are nice socks, but as I said, somewhat small. No other concerns.
very nice
The chain looks good with a rose gold heart pendant.
The jeans themselves are great. I chose the 501's due to the larger thigh. My son is a power lifter but his thighs are still too big for these. Levi's is a great brand they just don't work for very muscular men. The athletic fit ones are even smaller in the thigh area.
Fits great!
Horrible. Thin piece of velvet and the clasp broke off in my hand the first time I tried to put it on. Don't waste your money!!
I like the fact the bag is lightweight. The bag can hold a lot of items. Base on this purchase, I will purse another Vera Bradley in the future.
I love this purse. I wear it cross-body and it frees up my hands to do whatever I need to do. I bought it for a trip but now I have to care for someone who is sick, so I wear it every day. A water bottle (16.9 oz) fits inside the purse at the tallest part. I’ve been wearing it for 8 months and it looks as good now as it did when I got it.
La talla 33 que es perfecta para mi queda muy bien en este modelo
This is literally the best wallet I have ever owned! It fits my iPhone 8 and now my iPhone XS max in it perfectly along with all my cards. I also love that it has a strap on it so that I can carry it around my wrist if I want. I totally recommend this wallet!
Had this for under a month and the zippers started breaking.
Fit was good. Material was a bit thin. They were inexpensive though.
Material is stretchy and breathable. These socks hold up pretty well, I can wear them all day long without stripping down.
Definitely bang for your buck.
I like the design of this bag as it lays flat and doesn't slip off my shoulder.
Great deal...
Looks and feels very nice! ,Adjustable shoulder strap
It's impossible to find men's handkerchiefs in white in stores around here so I was very happy to find high quality handkerchiefs on Amazon. I gave this to a family member as a gift and he was thrilled to receive these because he also was unable to find white handkerchiefs. Great quality, too. Reasonably priced.
Awesome socks
Recipient reports that they are comfortable and likes them.
Best Buy, Awesome Looking, Great Price
Good solid hat. Great coverage. I wish it were truly packable though.
I ordered one of these watches for my grandson for Christmas. It arrived quickly and packaged fine. It was to be a first watch for him to learn how to tell time, and he's very much into Spiderman everything, and this was a watch to fit that bill, which it did nicely. Upon opening, I saw that it was not running, and yet, the setting knob was pushed in. There were absolutely no instructions included. Looking closer at the package, I discovered what I supposed was an extra battery. I thought, surely they wouldn't send a watch out without a battery installed, right? Well, after trying for quite some time to get the back off of the watch without scratching it, I found that indeed, it did have a battery inside that was obviously dead. Oh well, no problem, just put the extra one in. It was dead also! So, I sent it back, and immediately ordered another one, which came in two days. Guess what? Yep, it was dead as a door nail too! So, now, the second one's getting sent back, and my grandson didn't get a watch for Christmas. The people selling these watches have to know they don't work, because obviously they have gotten more of them returned, since both of the ones I got didn't run!
I like the belt but buckle changes color. The coating of he buckle comes off. Looks terrible. It turns bronze.
I love the color, i love how many cards it holds and that it still snaps when its full.
so far so good! beautiful fabric.
Perfect size and fits in your front pocket very well.
Very nice bag, looks very easy to carry.
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