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These feel like very good quality shorts and I love the cell phone pocket hisen i aide the normal side pocket. Very clever idea. I ended up rwturning these as they were a little tooahort for me. They hit above my knee (6'1" & 34" waist). Quality is great and they feel soft but not thin. Shame they are a little short
Love this wallet!! I wiped it down with water and let it sit out in the garage for a few days due to the smell, but after that it was awesome! I read other reviews that warned about the smell, so I was expecting it. I use the wallet everyday in my purse and the smell is gone! 😊
Superb. Quality...... And fits well
It i s not leather. It's plastic. Very misleading.
I love it
I bought this wallet cuz I wanted to get something engraved on it but the store wouldn’t do it. Wasn’t sure if he was still gonna like it but he loves it.
A really good product, very happy with the item. Good leather and soft. just what my partner wanted.
Best men briefs by a long shot.
Good quality.
Good but i need more credit card room, other then that nice wallet
I loved them
I'm glad I purchased this brand. They fit perfectly and are soft. I will be buying them again in the future.
Bought it as a gift. After a month, it was tore. Waste of money!
We use a more traditional life jacket for our toddler while we’re boating, but when it comes to beach play, we prefer vested arm floats, like this 3D Tot Swimmer. They’re more comfortable than full sized jackets, easier to put on/take off and our child is definitely less restricted in one. I’m so glad it is also U.S. Coast Guard approved (and labeled as such inside the vest area)---many beaches don’t allow flotation devices unless they have a Coast Guard seal of approval on them.

This trainer provides good buoyancy, and the suggested weight range (30-50 lbs) is right on target. Our child is around 30 lbs—the arms are comfortably loose, but they snug up a bit when in the water. Our traditional vest is made of vinyl-coated closed cell foam—it’s very functional, but doesn’t feel very good against skin, especially when wet. This floater is made out of comfortable, yet durable polyester.

What I like most is how easy this is to put on an impatient wiggly child waiting to go near water. The trainer consists of a chest panel and two arms bands, and requires two simple directives. Step 1: slip child’s arms through bands. Step 2: fasten the adjustable safety strap found in the back for a secure fit. This device allows our family to have a fun and safe time while we’re at the beach, and our little girl is tickled pink to sport a 3D froggy on her front.
Perfect for my 6 year old! Works great never scratches and super easy to clean
I sneezed the first time I wore them and the lenses got scratched. Oakley quality has dropped off considerably since moving to China. Been a loyal customer for years and my US made Oakleys are still in great condition. Not worth the cost any longer, so I think it's time to try a different brand.
Excellent product, comfortable and well made.
Got this for my 1yr and 3yr old. They said they like how these feel. They are thin enough to where they will not get hot, but think enough to keep them warm.
I cannot speak to these as undershirts, but they are my hands-down favorite workout shirts, and I'm ordering 2 more packs right now.

The fit is very nice - close to the body without being tight or form fitting. For reference, I'm 5'8'', about a 31 waist, average-a little extra build. I ordered a medium. This material is perfect for working out.

When going for long runs or playing basketball for several hours, I used to use the free, rough cotton t-shirts I would get in college and high school, at charity events, etc. However, these are never made of super nice material, and often irritate the skin. I switched to some of the "nicer" athletic/jersey materials, and found a similar problem. Although they were softer, they didn't always feel good against the skin. This material is soft, breathable cotton, that does a good job of wicking me sweat and keeping me dry. (For long distance runners out there - these are great if you experience nipple chaffing when running 6+ miles. Sorry to everyone else who had to read that haha).

In terms of fit, as I mentioned above - they stay close to the body, so they don't look baggy, while still giving some breathing room. The sleeves hit the right length, mid bicep, which is perfect when when lifting and try to clandestinely look at your arms and check them out in between sets. Note that they DO shrink quite a bit in the wash!

I ordered these in Navy Blue, I'm now getting 2 in white and 2 in black to work out in as well. Seriously, get these for work out shirts, you won't be disappointed.
Never saw them in the store after looking for many weeks. Finally decided to just pull the trigger and order them sight unseen. SO HAPPY I DID! Excellent glasses! Great quality and they look great!
These sweatpants are perfect! They wash well, have nice side pockets and are very comfortable. My husband is 5'9" and 145 lbs and usually wears a 32" in length in jeans. The medium fits him perfectly.
Good product - stay nice after washing - no ironing needed
Mi antigua billetera era realmente incomoda, paso muchas horas del día sentado y era una verdadera molestia, llevo 2 meses usando esta billetera y es realmente cómoda de llevar. Puedes llevar tus tarjetas identificación, licencia de conducir, dinero y más (claro que las fotos de tus 6 hijos, tu acta de nacimiento y copia de defunción de tu abuelo no, esto no es un uso inteligente de una billetera). Para personas que trabajan en lugares húmedos, realizan trabajos de fuerza donde se suda bastante, etc. pude que no sea recomendable por el material, se puede deteriorar mas rápido. En general me gusta mucho esta billetera y la recomiendo.
very good
Es un poco ancho de pierna, yo llevo comprados otros modelos como tiro 15 y tiro 17 y el tiro 19 es un poco mas ancho de muslo
Nice feel, will have to wait for warmer weather to test the wicking. Size is perfect with a bit longer waist(no plumber's smile). I didn't read carefully and there are two to a package. Another nice surprise
These are comfortable and have a lot of room
'You get what you pay for' is an applicable phrase to describe these belts. They will hold up a pair of pants. What else could you want?
Bought for our son, he loves them.
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