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nike custom shoes europe_custom nike shoes for youth

The best Long leg boxer briefs for men that I've ever bought worth the money
I bought a black size M version of this shirt in 2016 and it quickly became one of my favorite shirts. It fit me great and was thick and sturdy but not overly so.

Fast forward to June 2017 and I decide to order four more of these shirts since I loved the first one I bought so much. I notice a difference immediately on arrival. The shirt seems thicker and wider, and I noticed it says Made in Honduras, whereas my last one was made in Guatemala. I toss one of the shirts in the wash to see if it'll shrink down to the size of my old one, but the sizing is still different. It's wider and longer with a smaller neck opening and thicker fabric. It might fit someone else well but it wasn't the same fit I bought last year, which is what I was looking for. Worth a gamble I guess, but don't expect the same shirt each time you buy.
These earrings are tiny and are perfect for multiple piercings. I wear them in my 3rd hole on my ears. Perfect size for that!
Wish I could remove the rfid blocking, can't use it to get it to work or on the train without removing my cards.
I bought what I thought was the equivalent several years ago. Since then Hanes saved a few pennies narrowing the elastic ban. I still like them, but not as much.
Great customer service. Very happy with this purchase and product
I purchased this for my wife as a partial gag gift for her to wear for an outdoor sporting event to watch our son in a weekend tournament. Not only did she wear it she loved it!!! We now own 3 because my kids loved it also....and they wear them around the house all the time. Especially useful in these days of being quarantined.

One tip that worked for us. I purchased all Adult sizes even for the kids. They love the fact that it is is 10 the other is 12......
Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Very compact. Fits easily in my pocket.
muy bueno
The clip to keep it closed, has already broke, bought it for a Christmas gift. So Sad
Slots very very tight !!
Love them☺️
Somehow I missed the fact that I was getting only 1 pair of socks for $12.00. Too expensive for what it is.
I bought this bag and it just arrived AND I AM SO MAD. The buckle on the bag is wrapped in plastic and adhered to the bag. I can't get the plastic off without damaging this smelly leather. Complete waste of money.
Needed a new wallet. Really like the leather and feel of it. Like the way to organize my credit cards.
Great quality-great price!
ETA: I am disappointed to add to my review that after owning for 1 month 5 zippers out of 3 have broken. Although I own numerous Scarleton purses this is my first with zippers instead of snaps. I'm very discouraged because Scarleton has been my go-to brand and I've recommended them to many friends. I have reduced my star rating from 5 to 1, the purse is useless with zippers that don't stay zipped. Original review below.

This is my third Scarleton purse and I will continue to purchase more. This purse is quite large, just like I like purses. It holds everything I need and more, and the different pocket are genius. The quality is great and what I've come to expect from Scarleton even though the price is perfect. I got the mint color and love it for spring and summer.
Love the look of these sunglasses. Very light. Very well made. Polarized sunglasses are the way to go and Amazon had these a lot cheaper than many retail stores were selling them for. Favorite pair of aviator style sunglasses easily.
The perfect crossbody bag. Loved it so much I bought few other colors!!
Nice fit
Thought they would be bigger
Love love love my purse. Purchased 2 of these. Pink for me and black for mom. Gave it a 4 star because there were rusty gluelike stains on the inside of the pink one. Nevertheless I would buy again.
Very cute, light and practical.
Cute bag. Very soft and looks like real leather.
These are awesome. My only comment is that they are sized a bit smaller than claimed - I got the ones for sizes 11.5-13, and I normally wear a size 12, and they are just a hair smaller than I'd prefer. I'm not sure they'd fit if you were a size 13. But they are comfortable, they feel well-made, and I'm very happy with them so far.
Bought these for my fiancé and she hates them! Pants are way too small. Top is very baggy and boxy. Fits as if it’s made for a large man with no butt. She wanted these for a backup so it took some time to actually wear. By the time she used this set it was past the return window. Now she’s stuck with these and will never wear them!
A little thin but they will work.
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