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diy shoe paint_diy paint sneakers

Thank goodness I finally found a hat that fit my big head! I get headaches if a hat is too tight and my head circumference is about 22 -23 inches. ( I have a lot of hair) This had fits loosely so that I don't anticipate getting a headache. If you want a hat to fit really snug and your head is about this size, then order the smaller size. I really like the hat!
This necklace was very pretty my mother loved it!
Russell makes quality athletic wear. These shorts are just as ordered. Great fit, soft and supple cloth. Comfort while working out or relaxing.
The fit and finish of a "standard" undershirt (with a pocket).

I would not object to critics calling the t-shirts a bit thin - You get what you pay for.
My old wallet was 12 years and beat to hell and it was time for an upgrade. I found this gem in a sea of overly complicated wallets as well as overly simple wallets. It arrived in nice box and was stored in a soft bag. It is exactly what I need. Holds all my cards and ID's perfectly with easy access to my drivers license. An added bonus is a divider where the dollar bills are kept as I'm a receipt/paperwork person and I can keep that neatly separated from my money and not have a giant paper mess. This wallet looks great AND smells great as well! The stealth bomber logo on the front and inside is bad ass. Thanks to the owner Chris!
Perfect fit and Great price
These are the best. I bought three. A small Men’s is about as good as any women’s fit sweatshirt.
Out here in Colorado, we will often have a bright sunny sky with snow on the ground midwinter. These glasses are polarized, which is great, and also have the shading to protect against bright ground and a sunny blue sky. They fit well and are a fine fit; and in my opinion look great as well.

They were a bit small to be honest at first, but I quickly got adjusted to the size. My previous sunglasses which had broke were just bigger, as now that I've had them for a bit I'm fine with them.

I'd easily recommend it!
Absolutely lovely! Adjustible size, and it is so unique and gorgeous. The quality is excellent.
I LOVE this bag! For the price you can't beat it. Perfect size to hold everything you need, while still being small and low-profile. Very soft and attractive material, and the tassel adds a bit of interest. I went with the light gray because I wanted something a little more fun than black but still a neutral and it is perfect. You will not regret this one!
Simply adorable!
good items
Genuine Persol...Craftmanship is fantastic (handmade in Italy). You can feel the quality when you put these on. Came with the hard case also.
Got two and it’s green outside !
My favorite pair of jeans.
Looks great
I buy boxers to wear to sleep at night. These get the job done just fine. They fit as expected, and are suitable in quality for the price. Would buy again.
Warm and comfortable
It fit my older kid just great
So far so good... folding it to make it a little thicker and using as an informal mouth/nose cover when I go to the grocery store. Much more tolerable than a mask ... and will also get some use out of it on the boat and golf course. Nice little product!
My husband loves this paints they no longer make it under the adidas site so I am glad I found it on here. They fit true to size and they have zipper on bottom and color is as described
These dresses come in cute pastel colors perfect for Spring/Summer. 1 is a solid lavendar color and the other is a light pink with whimsical unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, etc, all things girly.
These dresses seem to be made well and are perfect for Summer time play. These can also be layered over a long sleeve shirt and worn like a jumper. The material is pretty decent, it's not too thin, so it should hold up well.
These do wrinkle a bit when washed, but just take them out right after they've dried and hang them for minimal wrinkles.
These dresses seem sized correctly. They look about the same size as the other size 8 clothing that I've gotten.
Overall these are cute little dresses and seem like they're made well.
Pants are a bit stiff, once washed a few times they are fine. Fit is perfect and product was exactally what I wanted
'Buen articulo
Love Vera Bradley purses!
I love to wear these on hot nights or if I'm just not going out. The fact that they double as gym shorts is just a bonus for me. They could be a lil longer but that's all.
The shirts are very soft. Only downside is that they cling so if you don’t have a six pack, every curve really shows through the shirt. Unless someone is in fantastic shape, best used as an undershirt.
Beautiful and would buy it again!
This cap seems of good enough quality. The description is accurate. I attempted to measure it to compare to the description, and the 5.5" height seems close, but it really depends upon how it is measured. I have another low-profile cap that I really like but that needs to be replaced, and this cap is definitely taller, tall enough that it does not look very modern. In the attached photo, the cap on the right is what I was expecting. When I put it on my head I pull it down all the way and it is not too low over my ears, etc. The KHK "Dad Hat" must be pulled down just a bit too far for comfort. It's a good inch taller than my older cap, so I wouldn't really call it "low profile."
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