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converse shoes with removable insoles_converse shoes with ribbon laces

Small but big enough
This is an unfortunate review. I like the jeans, they fit well, but they came with a broken zipper. just the part that you grab to pull up or down. There has to be a way to fix that without going through shipping it back. Other then that inconvenience, they are good jeans.
Good quality so far! And very cheap
Love my new wallet
Love this purse! The color is gorgeous
Nice wallet, holds alot
I beleive this is the most wonderful sunglasses RayBan have ever made, the shape, the weight, the polaroid lenses,, I definitely loved it and recommend it for you...
I got these for my BF and they fit him JUST like the photo. When he wore them out he got compliments , they are very cool looking and definitely catch people's attention with the color. He's very pleased with them and said they are super comfortable. I'm very pleased with my choice :)
My son likes them.
These shorts look great on my husband. Usually his shorts are too long (he's only 5'8") but these shorts are just the right length not to pucker when he sits. The only problem is that he wears suspenders and the clamps on them need a thicker area to pinch down on and these shorts do not have that. With his denim shorts he places the clamps over the back belt loops and they hold on tight. Since the fabric in this pair isn't as heavy as denim there isn't a thick spot to use.
They look so good I wanted to order him some more in other colors if possible; but he didn't want more because of the problem with the suspenders not being usable.
Beautiful leather good quality
Son says it's sleek.
nice headwrap
Great shirts but you should get a size smaller then youre expecting.
Beautiful. My husband loved it. Great value
I chose the rose gold hoops and although they are Rose gold, they still have a bit more yellow gold color for my taste. I'll still wear them when I go out
Great shades for the price. Surprising amount of swag included with the order.

UPDATE: This update comes nearly three years to the day from my original purchase. the glasses have held up very well, however I had an accident and needed to contact Woodies customer support. I am blown away by the speed and quality of their response. The issue was my fault and years after purchase, yet they immediately took steps to make sure I had wearable Woodies for the summertime. Unbelievable customer service that you would not receive from the biggest names in the biz.
Excellent and long A shirt. Not sure on washer shrinkage yet but very comfortable so far.
My husband loves these sunglasses. I bought them for him because they looked like a pair he had last year that broke. They came in a box inside a box inside a sleeve haha very protective when being shipped. They’re durable and thick framed but not too thick. Great purchase.
it is not bad
Good looking belt but the pin for the locking mechanism that holds it together snapped after a few months.
took a chance after reading some mixed reviews. I really like it. You know a belt is good when you just don't feel it throughout the day. It's easy and fast to undo and put on and doesn't move around on me at all. I wear it for work and dress with a tucked in shirt, keychain and a side holster for scanner and boxcutter. Works great. I like that you can buy different buckles to change out with different clothes.. 35 clams is a little pricey but it's a good quality product that seems like it will last a Very long time.
Great light weight tote for an upcoming island trip. The inside is lightly lined and the tote is very stylish and large. I was hoping that the straps were black, due to looking black in the picture, but they are chocolate brown. Not a deal breaker but I’m partial to black. The straps came a bit bent, but I’m hoping with some use, and maybe some heat from a hair dryer, that they will straighten out, overall, very cute and versatile bag.
Great fit. Great price
These are the best suspenders I've ever worn. Tough, strong, and with great grip. Gray is a great color for summer.
Socks, I've seen expensive and cheap. These are in the middle but seemed a bit small.
Nice! It was a little smaller inside than expected but it served my purpose. I just needed something to carry phone, ID and little lipstick. Done!
Good work belt. The hardware might not fit through your belt loops though. You can just take off the buckle and lace it though though.

Been wearing it everyday for work since I purchased it and I'm happy with it as a work belt.
Great Socks!
It’s light weight but it’s warm
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