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custom gym shoes_michelangelo shoes chicago

This runs very small. I would order a new set and replace these but instead I’ll use them at motivation to slim down more.
A bit smaller than expected but still beautiful
My husband said these are comfortable and fit well without being "bunchy"? at the heel. He runs several miles each day and he says they're comfortable. So I'll buy these again.
I bought this wallet as a gift for my daughter; she loves it! Plenty of space for everything she carries and looks great too! I may get these as gifts for all my relatives this year!
Great product, would definitely recommend.
The shirt shrunk really badly, after washing way above the waist
Love them!!
Good price and Good product !
Perfect size and good quality leather.
Waste band itches. I donated it.
Speedy delivery. Great looking and comfortable glasses. I have had multiple pair and always enjoy them!
Very nice wallet for the price. The little pull tabs aren’t the greatest as they separate into two layers, but do stay intact. Plenty of room for credit cards. Cash has to be folded in quarters and the coin holder must be emptied to access your change. Too tight unless you have verrry tiny fingers.
Great look and fit
I like the pricing and the fit. They're very comfortable to wear.
Love em!
The picture is deceiving... The lenses look nothing like what you see in the picture... If you want glasses like what you see in the picture, don't buy these glasses.
Good value. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will definitely reorder when needed.
Good hat for traveling
My ears are usually super sensitive and hurt with earrings.. not these. My hubby bought these for me and they are perfect! Thank you.

Revised review. I've had for about 2 weeks and the diamond is already missing. Poor quality. I hate it too bc they were great for sensitive ears.
The fabric is coarse and cheap feeling against the skin even after a hot wash cycle. Didn't have this issue with the boxer brief style.
I cannot believe how gorgeous this bag is. Not too big not too small. Convenient for travel or on-the-go and stylish!
My construction hubby wanted to wear these long sleeved shirts outside, so his arms are protected from the sun. We ordered four shirts in size 4X which he usually does not wear, but the fit was a little looser then the one 3X we ordered first, just to see how it fit. We ordered the light colors which are very nice. He says he really likes them! Great company to order from and they arrived quickly with Prime shipping too. I would definitely order them again!
Glasses arrived in a nice zippered case with two cleaning cloths. Well made and looks good when I put them on.
Great deal just before Christmas. Loved the piggies.
Definitely non-skid socks. Works perfectly with an elderly parent who's feet sometimes slides when standing up.
Fit nicely, thick, and very tough.
Correct size. Initially, a little larger, then after one washing it was the perfect size. Nice material and metal zipper, too. No plastic zipper like the cheaper ones.
Uppers are really tight.
good buy
great fit, very soft and perfect for just hanging out on the weekends
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