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designer shoe sale scarborough_designer shoe sale singapore

Good product. Good service.
Exactly what they said , soft and fits great!
Absolutely great quality fit price. Very thick and warm. I expected a thin pair of cotton joggers but these are very thick, high quality material with swarm fleece lining. They cane with a retail value tag of $40 and they’re honestly probably worth that. Bought them for my 14- year old son for Christmas and he’s 5’4 and 120 lbs and the small fit perfect with a tiny bit of room to grow both length and waist.
great product
Very good quality my husband wears to work every day and is happy with the snap sturdiness.
I'm not even sure why they can call this thing a sweatshirt since it's actually thinner many T-shirts I own. To call it "heavyweight" is a crime against the language. I kind of figured this going in since a decent or cotton sweatshirt now costs 70-100 dollars, still the specs on it made me give it a try but I believe the specs are not telling the truth.

The label says 90% cotton 10% polyester but I have been wearing clothes my whole life and I am pretty sure this is not a 90% cotton garment. It does not feel, smell, wash, breath nor wear like one. Honestly I think I mixed up Hanes with Champion when I ordered the thing because I never buy Hanes. They make the underwear were the elastic is dead and wavy after two washings and the socks that get holes the first time you wear them. In my mind they were literally synonymous with dollar store quality.

I haven't even washed the thing yet and I'm deciding if I want to bother returning it.

My standard for sweatshirts is a brand that Nordstroms used to carry called a Non-Fiction by Tiger Brand. They were the finest most comfortable or cotton sweatshirt I've ever worn and they were so heavy that when you picked one up you felt like you were picking up a leather coat. Towels would be dry before these things in the dryer they were so thick in wearing one was like wrapping yourself up in angel wings.

They were cheap but but I knew what I was getting so it's time to take a chance with these new brands. Cotton Mill, Justsweatshirts, and Polartec. These are the only ones I found that are 100% cotton and they come in pretty heavy at 18 and 20 oz weave. I think the Non-Fiction were 22 ounces . There's another sweatshirt I found but they're ribbing is 6 inches wide and not my style. And of course you can go to various designer sweats and pay upwards of $500 for a freaking sweatshirt.

But stay away from Hanes, it's garbage .
Great quality for the price. The set looks realistic and the stones twinkle. Bling bling.
Not the same pant I ordered in the past, the retro series. I will be returning.
Love these glasses, wish they were a little different style like I used to be able to get. Ordered another pair for hubby after he tried mine :-)
Love love love it
Arrived in good condition fit s expected
My oilskin hiking hat had gotten so battered and threadbare it was clearly time to retire it, especially since wire was poking out of two places on the brim. 12 years is a good run for a hat that's been crammed into backpacks and worn in all weathers on dusty trails, but I wasn't able to find an exact replacement today. So I did a lot of research before settling on this Henschel, over the similarly styled Tilleys at REI and the Connors available here, including watching YouTube hat reviews. If only there were an entire hat review channel, it would be so much easier to make these important decisions!

When I opened the box, it had been slightly flattened to fit, but it popped up into shape right away so yes, it's definitely crushable/packable. My head measurement is 22.125", so I got the medium, and it's just a teensy bit large. Not enough to fall down over my eyes, unless pressed hard, though. The inner hat band is wide, double-stitched cotton with padded interfacing on the inside, so it's easy to slip another layer of fabric or foam to bulk it up inside if you need to. All seams are covered with cotton tape so no raw edges are visible and it feels quite sturdy for a hat at this price. My one concern was that the mesh would be too large and plastic looking, but it has a nice fabric texture too, and you can't really see your head through it, at least not if you have dark hair.

The color is a rich, warm brown just like in the pictures, and shouldn't show dirt easily. Some people have said it's "heavy" but not if you're used to solid canvas oilskin hats. The mesh crown makes it lighter than my old hat. There is a slight starch smell when you first take it out, but I gave it a quick rinse with plain water and let it dry, and it's almost gone. I expect it will fade entirely within a few wearings. The brim isn't flat and rigid - it curves down elegantly when worn, even though it has no reinforcing wire. It is VERY wide, which was one of my main requirements, because my eyes are very light-sensitive and I live in a sunny, open area, but be aware that if you're not used to wide-brimmed hats you can find yourself bumping the edges into things at first.

It's a very good hat for the price, and if you're in the US, buying it helps reduce your carbon footprint since it isn't shipped across the ocean, too.
Just absolute garbage
Beautiful shape and feel!
My adult son loves them for all seasons.
For the price this is the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. The only down side and the reason it is only 4 stars is that the piece that rests on your nose is separate from the frame. It's different but I would buy again
Very cheap looking A very tiny chain
The quality was good for the price. It wasn't really pink though. Overall I'm pleased.
It's a the right size for what you are doing.
functioned as expected excellent product
It's very nice wallet and Good quality, but there's no enough space for cash.
Cathartt is the best brand out today. My grandson stopped by and saw it so now I need another one.
Great quality, great fit for an adult head, little oversized as it should be. Love it!
It’s a robe nothing special
Shrunk after a wash.
I love this bracelet. It arrived nicely packaged with an extra cord and 2 additional black lava beads. As the bracelet is just a little small I can use these to make it a better fit for me instead of being forced to wear it uncomfortably, gift or return it!
I love the number of compartments to hold things.
Awesome product!!! And super affordable. We will be buying more!!!
I really love the look of the necklace...very nice and simple which is exactly what I was looking for, but it broke as soon as I tried it on. That is my only complaint.
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