Blue, Black & White #3 Travel Luggage Bag|custom t shirt design canada_custom t shirt design comfort colors

custom t shirt design canada_custom t shirt design comfort colors

Color and fabric as in the photo
Good quality shirt for the price.
Very flimsy and cheaply constructed. More like a toy for kids to play with. Did try for night driving and they only provide a small amount of yellow tinting to my view; absolutely nothing else. Another rip-off that somehow carries the Amazon Choice rating. Qualifies for a less than one (1) star rating.
Soft and light fit. Not heavy like other hoody. I used this to make a custom hoody
Great Socks. Where is the Sea Anemone Sock?
I like it
Very nice fit. Comfortable. Sizes right on.
Muy buenos buena inversión
Love the shirt. Wish it was in tall though
I love them. They're made well and fit my big foot 4 year old perfect. They are good boot socks.
Fits great. Bought this hat for a YouTube video I'm shooting.
I like the looks and price
Very nice quality wallet I received for Christmas. Loaded it up and can’t wait to try it.
Great color by itself or under another color as the foundation !
Great fit and quality
The bag was a bit bigger than expected but definetely a boujee er bag lve never owned a purse this nice the bag its a masterpiece within itself there was nothing off about the bag it looks stunning and it holds everything very snug so i wont have to dig around in my purse!
These sunglasses are so great. The look like really expensive designer glasses. They are comfortable, and they seem to get compliments everywhere I go.
Great for long distance hiking in the wilderness. Rinse out in stream, dries quickly.
perfect fit and quality
Exactly what I was needing.
These didn't feel right. Super cheap feeling so I returned them.
simple and small bag perfect to hold the little things you need when going out!
Great quality, easy to adjust width
After just a few weeks the beads chipped. For the price- I was hoping it would be better quality. I gave it to my sister as a gift and she said she takes it off before showering etc but the paint on the beads still chipped. Disappointing.
This was my first purchase from KissTies and I am very pleased. I have purchased another tie from another company in the similar price range and was very reluctant to try another buy. The previous one I purchased from the other brand threading was very weak and loosened up just after a month.

When I got KidsTies I immediately checked the threading and stitches and compared it to my name brands, and was pleasantly surprised that they were basically up to the same standard. So far the stitches are very intact and are showing that they’ll last. Recommended.
Perfect quality, fast shipping
The wallet holds a lot more than I need it to. I tried other smaller wallets and typically too small.

Anice look and feel
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