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customize nike zoom 2k_nike zoom kd 12 customize

They are very well made and cute
the size was right, just tight on the thighs .
Fits just right. Wanted something comfortable to wear around the house and this fits the bill
The quality seems really good so far. Well made and good fit. Definitely worth the price... and more. Shhh!
Wife gushed all over it , so I take that as a good sign huh ?? LOL
Great looking glasses
I've had these for about a month, there's already two holes in one of the pairs. I bought what I thought was a similar product a year or two ago, and they were much better quality than these. Pretty disappointing this round.
Grandson loves these
The enjoyed the wear
They are my second pair of the same glasses. Unfortunately I could not find the lighter color anywhere. These were the lightest color (glass) that I could find. I prefer them to be light, like glasses, and less dark, like sunglasses. These work well and I will keep them. I hope the lighter lens comes back.
Love these shorts. Sleep in them almost everyday. I have the balls to wear them outside the house, unfortunately my thighs are ghostly white. They are short, thankfully there are underwear in them.
Pretty good. Gets a little itchy
Got this for my son for Christmas . He loves it.
perfect fit
If you like a sock that cuts of your circulation and feels overly tight on your feet then this is the sock for you, if you love waking up every day and using your hands to stretch your socks out just so they can fix around your feet and ankles, this is the sock for you.

If you like a sock that fits well and feels loose enough to let your feet have blood flow... then find another sock.

I specifically bought the size 13-15 so because I wanted a bigger and wider sock. Amazingly this sock looks wide enough to fit on a child’s ankle and foot width. I have super skinny ankles and these socks are really tight on me. These are going back to amazon, the endless search for a comfortable work sock continues.
It's made by timberland top notch leather or use it to carry my money lol and cards
Oh my goodness! Beautiful well made purse, you can never go wrong with Brahmin!
Love the belt. Would buy more but Amazon doesn't have any of the 28' - 34" size belts. I purchased the 28" - 36" and although it's a little long I'll keep it but would prefer the smaller size.
Great feel on your skin super comfortable and good looking. Bamboo fiber fabric it’s the best material for under-wears! I wish its little longer on the leg.
Daughter loved this bracelet.
Love these socks. Fit well and provide cushion
Earrings broke
Great color and great fit.
Perfect for my toddler. I got the 5mm
The top negative reviews claim these belts aren't real leather. Whether it was a counterfeit batch or people not knowing what they're talking about, they're wrong. The belt I received is most definitely top grain leather. It's packaged nicely in a little canvas bag with a leather tie, along with a card describing how the H&D belts are made in Guatemala, and how some of the proceeds help to support the local community there. These are a great value, and I'd buy again.
So soft and beautiful
I'm one of those people who pack in everything they can into a wallet, gift cards, my ID like 4 credit cards, tons of cash and everything else. I decided to originally downgrade to a smaller wallet with a magnetized clip for my cash but eventually, I kept getting more and more things I'd have to carry around and my smaller wallet began to literally burst at the seams. Then I went shopping for a new wallet to take all the new stuff and I found this. in a way, I'd call it the middle ground between a giant wallet where you can just pack in everything and a smaller wallet for those guys who carry equally a lot of cards as well as cash. this wallet would be caught in the middle, it has a lot of compartments and there isn't a pocket along the side that you can just stuff bills into the clip in the middle seems like an interesting idea and that's one of the ideas I liked when I found it here/ so far things have been good. my wallet is no bigger and I'm loving it. highly recommend.
Holds all my money and some credit cards. Can easily hold $200 dollars in twenties and at least 3 credit cards. I get comments on it all the time. The carbon fiber weave really sticks out and it is noticeable by others. Hence all the fun positive comments on it.
Super cute. Screw backs lasted a few weeks at most before one came off on it's own and got lost.
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