Orange, green and yellow pattern Loop-cut Respirator Mask|shoe design course philippines_shoe design course paris

shoe design course philippines_shoe design course paris

A little large but sooo comfy!!
they are cotton so they breath not too tight will see how they stand up after while
Material and length are great. Waist runs small but acceptable. Bought XL when LG should have worked.
The bottom of the totebag does not stay in place so it never holds its shape.
It is perfect for what I need.
Super cute and the perfect size!
Overall a good quality and long lasting would definitely recommend
Comfy, durable, what else do you need in a sock?
on my 3rd pair need i say more?
I'm a reformed boxer only guy. I probably had too many boxer at one point. Now I only buy boxer briefs! I've purchased multiple packs already. Why do I like these more? No tags! The material are softer. It doesn't 'move' in the wrong places. It's more stretchy but still hold a tight fit. Does the color really matters? Not for me, it's all about the comfort. Recommend! If you find this review helpful, please click 'helpful' button at the end of this product review. Thanks!
Repeat buyer
Love the product
A bit pricey but when I see a good deal I typically get right on it as with this purchase for my sons
ordered the set with 5 undies but received pack with only 4. greedy me right? well i thought i payed for 5. maybe a switcheroo? i dont know. but otherwise fruit of the loom are dependable. i liked the colors. might return these, thought i was getting value for my money as i dont purchase new underwear all that often. bummer.
This was a gift. My 30 year old son loved it. Small and compact. Nice quality leather. Very happy
band is too small for 9 yr old girl
I'm sold. I am 6'7" tall and about 150lbs with an athletic build. I have worn XXL Tall Hanes Beefy T's for years but no more. These Dickies are much better. They fit better and the arm sleeve is a bit shorter which shows off my arms a little more. These are the perfect length for me. The Hanes shirts were much larger. The Dickies feel like a tailored fit for me. I always wear a crew neck undershirt under my t shirt because I sweat easily and these Dickies are great because the neck is a tighter fit so it's absolutely impossible to see the undershirt. I also like the color choices with the Dickies and I like the pocket and the logo. I'm super happy to have found these. As a very tall human, my experience is that big and tall usually means really really big and not so tall. These shirts are perfect.
Good product, I like it.
I am a fan of these purses. This one is my 4th and they last forever. This one is beautiful.
Its ok for the price. wouldnt say amazing.
Fits as expected
Good gift
This packages four tee shirts with pockets, which are hard to find in stores, inot one package. The shirts fit well, the quality is good, and the price is awesome. I am happy and wearing one of them right now.

One quibble though: the product description says "colors may be different than shown." My package came in these exact colors which was good. I was concerned about ending up with some horrid color that someone else picked. It would be good to say what colors you receive are what is shown. If the color changes are necessary, the advertisment needs to be revised.
Just received these today. On a Sunday I might add. But it only had 3 (three) not the 4 that I ordered. They felt great and seemed to be same quality as my Oakley micro fiber bag, but I cannot believe they left the white bag out. The label on the package even says 4 bags and the package was not broken or anything. I'm confused as to how this happened, as they are all different colors you could tell if one was missing. smh
They were great at first, but after one or two wears, the stitching started to come apart.
Excellent sunglasses! I've had them for almost 2 years. The quality definately matches that of more expensive shades. I wear a 7 5/8 hat and these are a bit too snug. Keep that in mind. Love the product, I'm attempting to find another (Suncloud) roomier pair now.
She loved it and its her everyday purse
Igual a la foto. Queda muy bonita
They are nice shorts. Fit well and dry quickly. My only complaint is I wish the material was a little softer. It has a slightly rough feel to it.
perfect always loved 'em
Its ok.
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