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custom nike jordan_custom nike jordan 1

A tad thin as they are running compression socks but they're nice and comfortable/ durable
Good socks
Update, 12/18/17: just ordered a second one, my first failed because of my own error, got it caught in a grinder, yikes. It had some discoloration at the pockets but was still comfortable after 2 winters of use. My job is usually very hard on clothes, cotton shirts usually can only be worn 10-15x before throwing away. This jacket lasted 2 winters of 3x a week wear washing after each time worn.

No complaints. Shrank very little, unfortunately still stupid-bright blue after dozens of washes. Comfortable, durable, and warm like an average sweat shirt but easier to take off/put on. If you dont mind being seen from space and just want to stay warm then highly recommended.
These jeans fit perfectly with no excess fabric at the hips. I am quite skinny, and these jeans are perfect. I tried the 505's, but the hips are too large. But I love these jeans, and I will be back soon for more.
Great looking sunglasses and very comfortable, especially for the price. I ended up returning the sunglasses because when I would wear them I would get nauseous. I do not know if it is the type of polarized lens but I just could not wear them
It's perfect and just what I wanted. Arrived promptly.
Speedy shipment and quality of product
Love the feel of this material and the way it looks
20 minutes and completely soaked in sweat and didn't hold it back at all sweat streaming down face and the rest of back. Might be good for going on an errand but not for an actual workout.
Great organizer with room for all the important cards we carry. Once it’s loaded with CC cards and check booklet. Squeezing and iPhone 7 Plus is doable but it seems very chunky.
It is the most handy and practical wallet and card holder. It's not taking any space in my handbag. Also, it is so soft and beautiful.
Very wellmade! Fits my beads well! Durable and pretty as well!
Great belt. Fast service.
Good socks...wish they were a little thicker, but probably couldn't get them at this price.
Great fit, love it.
very beautiful handbag!
The problems I have with these earrings is that, 1. They are too thin 2. The closures are too small and not very easy to secure. Sometimes, I am afraid I will lose them. 3. They definitely need more weight to them.
They actually work. I was beginning to give up hope of being able to drive at night. These glasses make it easy to see in such a subtle way that you forget you have them on. For everyone who needs to be able to see when they drive, buy these.
Highly recommend this belt
I looked for a wallet that can handle all my cards. The Simideo Men's wallet was the only one I could find that has 8 card slots plus two more places to place cards. The wallet also looks and feels good. The workmanship is well done and should give me many years of excellent use. I spent considerable time trying to make an excellent selection and I believe I succeeded in doing a very good job.
I don't wear jewelry very often but do like to don some cool earrings once in awhile. These reminded me of something you'd find at an art or craft fair, which is not a bad thing at all. They are beautiful. I admit I was skeptical at first because they looked like they would feel like weights on my ears as they are quite large, but I was wrong. They are pretty light feeling, have a felt backing and are very stylish. I paired them with a Green Bay shirt and didn't even notice how well the colors went together until my husband pointed it out. These would look great whether you are wearing an outfit for a fancy night out or something more casual. Definitely happy.
I’m assuming the paper that says “I love you” fell out so it doesn’t say it anymore. Very sad.
I’ve ordered the large and I love it. It’s a little bit shorter than the skip hop diaper bag I have. In the pictures I compare the purse size with diaper bag and backpack. My mother likes it too but asked me to order her the small size and I might also order myself the small size. It’s soft and takes the shape of your body if carrying cross body. There is no smell. There’s a little rose potpourri packet inside. I removed the side tassels. It was just too much tassels going on.
Horrible product! Sunglasses broke a month after having them and a nose piece broke too!
These are as advertised.
Anything Kiara sky is amazing!!!! You won't be sorry with this brand!!!!!
if you have big head, the hat wont fit you. it will only cover half of your head.
The front of the mask is mesh good for breathing.
you can wear a disposable mask inside this.
Baggallini is great! They are lightweight and strong and the styles all are very nice with lots of zipper pockets. They work well for me, I can't carry around a heavy purse, so they are only as heavy as the stuff I put in. I've used my other one for a couple of years and there are no tears, no holes, and the zippers work fine. Exactly what I was looking for.
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