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butterfly custom shoes_custom butterfly sneakers

Great shirt. Fits great
Very comfortable shirt. Especially in warm weather. Wicks sweat as expected.
Very good quality and excellent price
I LOVE THIS BAG!!! I have been searching for a bag that is practical and fashionable... this it!!
Excellent product
Shirt is how it looks. Well represented in photos.
Great! Nice stretchy comfortable waistband and doesnt bunch when sitting, glad i bought these boxers and nice colors
This is the best gift to give the man who has everything and the man who needs very little. It's unique and practical!
nice hat good quality Paid amazon extra to get here on a Friday, didn't receive it until the following Monday.
Got these for my daughter. They are a very nice quality and fit her just right. She is a skinny size 12/14 but she is a 10 in underware. they are cute and the colors are nice.
Exactly what you’d expect from levis.
Perhaps my head is too big. Anyway, good product. Very flimsy and plasticky (of course). But not many complaints. I'd certainly like it a bit larger. It's not small, but if it was a bit more extended it would look more distributed on the face.
Let me tell y'all this was an amazing fine! amazing quality would tell anyone to get a few!
Our president for another 4 years!
As expected - good quality and right size.
Fits size 10.5 foot as expected. Material is breathable, soft, stretchy, and medium thickness. The material is thicker in the foot area, and then thinner going up the leg. hugs the arch of your foot, and has a groove to fit the heel of your foot.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my review, or if you have found it of any help to you.
Bought this for my sons 15th birthday, he needs one now that he's(almost) driving! He picked it out because it's thin so he can easily put in his pocket. The only complaint he had is its bigger than he'd hoped. Oh well, good lesson in how life's not always fair
Love! Perfect for my needs!
I bought these for my 18 month old granddaughter, thinking that a screw on back would stay. However, she was, somehow, able to remove one earring every other day. I will be returning them :(
I bought these for my 11 year old son and he really likes them.
Very thick shirts and high quality. Was sick of thin cotton shirts
It's not exactly what I thought I was getting. I thought it would be thinner and feel more leathery but I like it.
Great lounging shirt.
Perfect size
Just fits snug but made well
The shirt is the perfect weight! Washed well/ no shrinking in dryer
I love having a minimal wallet. This one holds everything I need it to hold. However, I find it nearly impossible to get cash into the center slot, so it ends up sticking out the top. Not a big deal as I rarely have cash on me anyhow, but kind of annoying. Otherwise, I think this wallet is great!
Nice casual shirts fit well as advertised
something about these socks leads to foot order.

i think its that they arent very breathable and dont absorb moisture.

ok product. wouldnt order again.
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