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Very good
So far I am highly impressed by this wallet. Saw similar ones on Facebook ads and on Amazon for almost 3x the price, however for $30+ this wallet is a steal. High quality materials like leather and I assume aluminum make the wallet feel a little heave but very premium while still maintaining a compact size. Total I fit about 12 individual cards plus some cash in it (see photos for reference).
Only possible negatives that I Hope can be fixed on future product is a magnet to keep the wallet held closed and slightly thicker leather as seems a bit thin in its current state. Thanks!

Edit: After using the wallet for about 10 days I am starting to see it's poor quality showing. See my photos for example, but the metal is showing wear after only being in and out of my pocket, the leather is starting to wear away.
Nice shirts, fit well, a little thin but worth it in cost.
Very nice. It’s my second but not the last.
The top closing button is a snap style button you find on kids clothes. It’s a terrible choice on their part. It pops open any time you bend. Today is my first time wearing them out. I counted it, 8 times they popped open in public. So disappointing.

As for the rest of the shorts, they are absolutely amazing. Pockets have this soft lining that feels good when putting things in. The zippers are amazing as well, very sturdy. And the material of the shorts is sturdy but yet soft to the touch and make for a really comfortable feel. I loved walking around in them, they felt great at the movies in the reclining seats.

I really wanna like them, so my obvious solution is to superglue the button closed.
Comfortable especially for the price no big branding either!
In love !
This is a beautiful wallet very well-made I love it it's the best while they've ever bought and the price was just unbelievable highly recommend
They look good, made in Italy (The one from Amazon Store at least), when you put them in the case you can carry them in your jeans pocket, very good price, the size is ok but if you move a lot you need to adjust them because the temple seem shorter or the ear piece doesn't hold like the ray bans 3183.
My son love this socks
I ordered the black and silver and ended up with the black and gold pair of sunglasses, which don’t match any of my outfits. But I will buy again at a later date.
Selection sent did not match the picture shown. 4 out of 10 prints I received were not advertised in the picture and I would not have selected (I.e. orange/black flames, skull/crossbones, black/white flag, and brown/black floral). I did not receive the 4 prints I actually wanted out of the 10 pack. Disappointed. Other than that, the fabric is light and stretchy and will work as a breathable “mask.” 2 stars because it works and there are enough prints I can still get some use from. 4 prints are going in the donate pile.
Great product.
5/5 for utility
5/5 for look, feel, finish, and style
5/5 for price
5/5 for packaging and delivery
So far so good
Granddaughter loved this. Well made for the money
It fade easily a bit smaller than I expected but love it none the less
I am very pleased with them. They are very soft and warm.
The Oakley Crosshairs with the Prizm lens is absolutely amazing. Sturdy & comfortable at the same time. I’ve read reviews about the nose piece not being replaceable. Not True. My Oakley store will replace them for free.
This beanie is true to size. There’s literally nothing wrong with it!
I am very satisfied with the product and the vendor. everything went according to agreed
I ordered this purse originally in grey. When I received it, it was more of a light blue color. I liked that it was big enough to double as a diaper bag with a few pullups and toys. Sadly within two months the strap broke. I ordered the purse again but in silver this time. When I received this one it was more of a beige than silver. Kind of disappointing to order this purse twice and not have the color I was expecting either time.
Beautiful belt, I ordered a second one the minute I opened the first one. But, within 2 weeks of wearing each one, the buckle ripped out of it’s strap, and was not repairable. I was very disappointed because I was so excited when I first got them.
They were way too big. Probably my fault, so I'll just donate them.
My daughter Loves this suit for her winter indoor swim lessons
Here we go: I'm 165lb, 5' 11" size 32/32 and the mediums fit perfectly even after a run through a (cold water only) wash. Use the sizing chart and you should be good to go.
Love it
Great !
Me encanto para un regalo que hice, pero no vino el bolso pequeñito.
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