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Wow didn’t know what to expect but after it came home tried it on color and everything is perfect 5 stars
Friend loved it. Great gift.
This T-Shirt size is mislabeled for "Large-Tall (LT)".

I have a 42" Chest and a 31" Waist and I need a shirt that tucks in and stays in.

This does the job of being able to stay tucked, but is really cut to fit an Extra Large man, not a taller, athletic fit man. I have a lot of folded fabric under my belt or sticking out the back after I've bent over a couple of times.

After washing a few times in hot water, the shoulder and chest size seem better, but still on the XL size. The length stayed appropriate.
Bought this for my boyfriend but the money clip gets in the way when taking it out of his pockets or putting it in his pocket. Not a lot of his cards fit at first because it was snug but eventually it loosened up and they fit now. Overall, good wallet for someone who doesn't have a lot of cards or things to put inside.
Best low profile belt I've ever owned. I was hesitant at first thinking that it would loosen too easily (having had tried many "rigger" type web belts). I used to have to compensate by over tightining those other belts. The mind numbingly simplistic design of double right angles keeps these belt where you put it!
I can even carry tools on my hip without worry of it slacking.
So light and low profile this belt disappears.
I really like this necklace but the down fall is the chain is not long enough to fit around my neck. Its really cute i love the i
Initial on it. Maybe for a kid
My husband loves his!
Looks great and shipped fast!!!

Thank You!!!
Purse is surprising good quality. Soft leather. Perfect color. Very resonable price. A little small on inside but holds all that is necessary.
Quality lenses at an affordable price. Perfect fit in my Holbrooks.
The robe has a great material and fits large like it says! Has a good length to it as well!
Let's face it ... if you need 3X underwear you don't want something skimpy. And these are NOT skimpy! For those of us who are 3X because of a big butt, these are perfect. I can't speak for those who are 3X due to big belly, small butt, but if you need more material in the hindquarters, these are what you want. Very impressed with the quality. Ordering a second set and pitching nb everything else in my underwear drawer.
Comfortable for a recovering foot injury.
Woeks good
They started off great but within 2 months the legs have stretched out so much, they feel like regular boxers
Glasses are polarized and work well with glare. Package comes with a soft case and a cleaning cloth. It also has a small screw driver to adjust how tight the hinges are. The quality of the plastic frames is not the best but it is flexible and hard to break them. Good product for the price point, especially since they are polarized.
The bag was open
Beautiful pair of earrings. My mom has been wanting a pair of earrings with her birthstone. And shw didn't want them expensive. These were prices perfectly and shipped quickly. If buy again for sure.
Exactly what I expected, good delivery time, good packaging, and good price. The only thing I found hilarious is that since these glasses are polarized it does some wonky things with the ipad, which gives off polarized light (aka with the glasses on in portrait mode it looks as if the ipad screen is off!).
I liked it a lot.
Love it
My first foray into the world of suspenders - who knew there were so many different types? Although the "No-Buzz" feature wasn't a selling point for me (I don't go through TSA metal detectors very often) I liked everything else about these - the width, the side clips and (particularly) the price. So far, I couldn't be happier - the clips hold snugly and the Velcro adjustment is super secure. So long as they hold up (and, I believe they will) I will be pleased.
Fit great. Like the look. Lenses are crazy easily scratched
Love these pants always have but can’t find them anywhere but here fit like should
The product is of great quality, I would definitely recommend.
Quedó como esperaba, pero la costura de un lado no la hicieron bien, mal cocida
I bought the size that is supposed to be for size 6 to size 12 shoes. I wear men's size 12 shoes and these are a little big. They are otherwise comfortable though and seem sturdy so far.
Husband loved his new wallet!!!
Fits perfectly - I needed help with the clasp - but that is because my nails are long - comes in a lovely package - would make a great gift to an animal lover of any age. Simple yet special. I have not taken it off yet.
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