Huemul Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina White EVA High Top Canvas shoes|custom made shoes kuala lumpur_custom made shoes in kuala lumpur

custom made shoes kuala lumpur_custom made shoes in kuala lumpur

Fit right, delivered on day they said they would.
Very nice
I purchased these glasses for my fifteen year old son, he was working on his swagger! He loves them completely.
Was a little hesitant ordering a Kate Spade purse on Amazon but the purse was better than I thought! I love it
I found these to be Soft, comfortable, fit as expected
First impression
Like it very solid
Will see in couple of months
Really good size, fits everything I need. There is a smell when you first get the bag.
Length should have been 2 inches longer
Good shirt needs to be longer and sleeve are big but short
These are made in MEXICO to long and baggy like cholo pants
Way too small for an adult head! Will have to attached extra fabric to fit my fathers head.
Sturdy and stylish sunglasses. And the great polarized function helps with the bright Arizona sun.
The description was a lie. They are polyester and rayon with like 10% cotton.
These shirts are a few inches shorter than the same ones bought in Wal Mart previously. Did the mfr do this? Or are these a "special purchase"? Or what else?

After a while, they SHRINK and are even shorter.
My boyfriend absolutely loved it!
These look much more expensive than they actually are. The clips seemed like they wouldn't hold (nothing like my grandmother's old clip-ons) but they do hold well and the silicone cushion ads a lot of comfort. Really nice earrings. they will look great when my daughter wears them to her formal next month.
They're too tight. I wear a 8.5-10 depending in the brand of shoe so I thought they'd fit well no matter what. They seem too narrow and I do not have wide feet.

They are definitely no show, I like that aspect. I can't comment on the durability but I will wear them and find out. Review will go to 3 stars if they're not very durable.
Easy wash n wear
I like the cap, fit well.
Egyptian made. Trash material just a total waste of time. not like they used to be in the old days.
These boxers are long, extra long. I'm 5'8" and they come to the knee.
It is a nice looking was better than I expected. It was reasonably priced.
So good I ordered 3 more. At 6'3" and 225 lbs, I need a talk undershirt. You will not find a better deal. Feel better than the LL shirts I bought for 10x the price. Great deal!
Well made with just a little give in the waist. Bought total of 3 pair. Wranglers usually hold up will and fit as they should.
Stone is too big
I’ll give it five stars it looks great but it’s my daughters Christmas present so she’ll update if needed. I’m a marketer too so when I started to read your email I HAD TO WRITE SOMETHING. EXCELLENT email that everyone should follow!
A good quality shirt for the price. Thick cotton and a strong collar. I typically wear large tshirts though and this one was too big, in both overall width as well as length. Maybe I'll try for a medium.
looks good and fits well
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