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custom t shirt quilt_custom t shirt quick

I waited for this so I could take it to a baseball game. It arrived and I noticed the strap was missing a clamp. I was not able to attach the strap on one side of the purse. I was so bummed. I am returning it.
The black socks crumbled/destroyed/totally damaged after one cold hand-wash.
This product is not Gold Toe.
Perfect for what my son was looking for. A little long but he has short legs.
So often when I buy cheaper tidy whities they stretch out and lose their shape instantly. These have been good at retaining their hug on your body and not stretching out. Good fit, good quality, and a sharp, clean look.
I'm 5'8" and these fit me great. I don't have to wear them high...very comfortable.
This underwear fits my preteen daughter well. Love tbat I could order it and receive it in time before she headed off to camp this summer ... without having to make an extra trip to the store! Good price, nice color variety.
Gray and Khaki. Both were as described. Fit and finish is good. No complaints from me
Loved it
The sunglasses are the great price online!... I got them in a couple days i can not complain. They look great on me!
I bought these for around the house..i love the texture,they are soft and cool..Will buy again..!!!
Was a gift
Don't waste your money! Gold Toes are not what they used to be, Guildan has bought them and ran them into the ground! They used to last at least 2 years, I bought a pack of these 9 months ago and have already had to throw away half of them! They are still pilling inside, wearing thin and getting holes. Pure crap! Maybe they should rename them Crap Toe
I thought the band could be removed to be washed but it can't and now my 7 year old doesn't want to wear it because the watch is stinky! Other than its w lovely watch.
Nice wallet. Makes a great gift!
This is a nice backpack for the price. I am giving 4 stars because the adjusters on the straps are a little too easy to adjust, so they slide around a bit when taking the backpack on/off so I have to readjust them pretty frequently. Other than that, the design is cute and durable. The anti-theft design makes me feel safe about carrying this bag around on crowded public transportation in Chicago.
Good for fruits or straights.
Great for running. Wear them under compression pants, or just under gym shorts. 3 pairs for this price is tough to beat.
I wear size 13 shoes but mistakenly ordered the smaller size of these socks. They are perfect summertime socks. They come up to the bottom of my calf. The larger size would cover my calf. Just depends how long you want your sock. I have a fettish about "fuzz" in my socks - my wife makes fun of me for turning my sicks inside out to check for fuzz. Some brands create internal fuzz everytime they are washed. Not these socks - they do not create fuzz. Perfect for me.
a little "baggy" in the legs and buttocks, ok in waist but maybe that's what "relaxed fit" means. I probably should wait till I lose a few more pounds and then get a regular fit size. Until then, I'll just go baggy for a while :-)
These are not the Gold Toe socks you bought 5, 10 or 20 years ago. After washing, they may be able to fit my grandsons. The original quality is no longer there.

Revised review - my original review was based on their appearance coming from the dryer. They looked like a size 5. However, they appear to stretch better than the older versions and will fit my size 11 foot. I only raised the rating to 3 stars since I still have doubts on how well they are going to last. They still are not the heavy duty Gold Toe socks I remember.
They were a good value for the money. I ordered a second pair
I like it! Small enough for a medium size purse. Easy to find and very organized.
Awesome glasses. Very happy with this purchase.
Clips ar3 hard to mange,they don't snap down too well
good underwear
Very cute on my little one. I like that there a bit longer.
Good material
It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be. I love it though. It’s beautiful!
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