blue White EVA High Top Canvas shoes|converse shoes geelong_cool converse high tops

converse shoes geelong_cool converse high tops

Why? Now these shorts are stuck with one side at least 4 times as long as the other side. Who thought this was a good idea? The quality of these shorts isn't high enough to justify ripping the treads, so I'm just returning these and getting something else.
Second set. Bought the first set for hiking and they are so nice I now wear them full time. Well made.
Well made. Comfortable.
You need to buy 2 sizes up. The size chart is incorrect. 36 waist = a 40 waist if you want the right fit. After getting the bigger size, I’m very pleased.
I didn't realize just how big the largest size is, because I meant these to go in the last two of my three in a row ear lobe piercings. The largest is definitely for the first piercing. I started out with the three largest in order in my piercings, but I didn't really like how that looked. So, I usually put the smallest two in my second and third piercing and a different style earring in my first piercing. I think it is a nice look, nothing too crazy, just classy looking. They usually get mistaken for gold earrings. So far I have had no reactions with my skin and the metal, which I needed, because I think I was having a reaction with the pairs I used to wear most often. Although, I think my ears are just kinda pissy in general.
Big roomy purse with lots of pockets
Good for traveling. The white rubbing against my jacket turned colors a little
The fabric is so tightly woven that any hairs actually raise the shirt and make it look like you have some deformity. That said, the quality is good and the price is right.
Very practical way to carry all my keys
First of all, I somehow missed the part of the description that said it was a 2-pack. I will say that I would easily pay the $10 for one of these hats. They are well made and do not look like the delivery guy sat on them whie driving around. The front of the cap is stiff and well shaped. For this price, I would be happy if they lasted me a couple of months, but I feel like they will last much longer....and there are two of them! *Mind blown*
I ordered these for my dad who used to be a huge runner in the 80's and hates running in any other types of shorts. He only likes short lined shorts. He loved them. There is a liner like most running shorts, and no drawstring.
I should have taken the advice of the other reviews. I just assumed that maybe I did have "chicken legs" and that I did find the right match. Unfortunately, the fairly great set of underwear that I got at Target just got partnered in the drawer with these terrible ones that I THOUGHT were the same. The upper band is not as thick, so it is less comfortable and just like the other review said, the wrap around each leg is like a tight rope cutting off the blood flow to my legs. The pair purchased at Target (larger letters) do not do this and fit quite nicely. To make things worse, I tried to save shipping expenses by ordering a second bag so now I have a brand new bag of these things that I really do not know what to do with (donate? Wash the windows? Scrub the toilets? Returning them to Amazon certainly is not worth the effort, and neither is this review time frankly but when the opinion is strong, I do it anyway to make a point). My point? Don’t buy these.
Great shirt will order it again in different colors.
I like the look of them.
It is a perfect fit and nice!
Great fit and comfortable. Ordering two more pair.
Adorable. I got these for my fiancée for her birthday, and she has worn them every day since. They're perfect.
Exactly as described. Hard to find through other sellers ... if you want it, you’d better snap it up!
....just what I need in a work T-shirt.
Perfect side bag! Great storage spaced and lightweight. Secure straps and great colors! Love this bag!
Perfect fit
Everything was perfect. Ordered for my boyfriend birthday .i got two smalls like he said but I was unsure bc I thought it was going to be to small but it fits I will be ordering more for myself lol
Just what I wanted.
It fits perfectly and is very good sun glasses and after wearing it gives a great coolness to the eyes.Have recommended this product to many of my friends and colleagues.
The color
Love these wool footies! I have two other pair I have had a while, and they wear very well! I only wear wool socks, it is an amazing fabric! Keeps feet dryer, less foot odor, last a very long time! These have a ridge on the back that keeps shoes from eating them!
these hoodies are very good and i love that there cheap and good quality i recommend them.
Bigger than I expected but nice!
Excellent quality and construction!
Love this bag!! I’ve gotten so many compliments. Bought several colors.
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