black Women's High Waisted Briefs|custom t shirts chicago_custom t shirts canada no minimum

custom t shirts chicago_custom t shirts canada no minimum

Bought this for my hubby and he loves it! The wallet is slim and doesnt bother him while its in his pockets. It seems to be made well and has plenty of pocket space for cards great wallet for a decent price
i want this hat. i taken.

so brixton hat.

very good fit

just my own hat.

buy again next chance.

thank you.
So comfortable and loved the fit!
Don't know what to say here, socks, fit well...
Surprised these fit me based off the size guide. I bought these because I am planning on losing 25lbs and they were supposed to be motivation to get to that weight, but they fit me now and are so comfy! I love the pockets on the sides too!
Good work., and thanks very much.
It deactivated my cards horrible wallet choice. I purchased it in January but I'm unable to use it because of it deactivating my cards. Worse purchase ever
Bought for my little girl for Christmas and she love's it , it's so beautiful.
Nice fit and comfortable. They give you good support and they keep things where they should be. They run small in size so if you wear a size 36 order the next size larger.
Good Value
I could not ask for any better. I pull it over my ears, and it stays there. very good value, outstanding quality, and fit.
Love them. Very chic
Good product.
Love my wallet. More than enough room for all my cards! And fits my iPhone with case in it!
They are pretty comfortable. They also look cool. Good look when I'm wearing them but the plastic frames dig into the sides of your head a little. However this leads to them not falling off.
Smaller than expected
Very good quality.
I love the pink mirrored lenses with clear frame. Super cute and polarized. Very affordable
I plan to purchase three more sets.
There is writing on the outside of the wallet that is not shown in Amazon pictures and makes it look cheap.
These sunglasses are good, they look good on you, price is great. Just that after a month of usage the screws loosen up a bit and the frame's legs become wiggly, but except that everything is good.
Came with dead battery and broken face on the watch.
Exactly as advertised.
Good quality great price
Son liked it- exactly what he was looking for
Love this! We get inversion every winter, and man does it get cold here sometimes! I wore this today, multiple times, in the middle of the inversion, at 14 degrees F, and my face didn't freeze at all! I was only out for 10 minutes at the most, so don't know about long term, but I certainly noticed the difference since I've had it. I also work where there is a terrible wind all winter long; this really protected from the wind also. I'm not saying it didn't let any wind through, but it was a huge difference! This keeps all areas that are covered warm and I love to be warm!! My ears are super sensitive to wind and this doesn't let any blow by; it's amazing; no earaches for me! I can't stop smiling and being amazed at how much warmer my whole head, ears, neck, and face are wearing this thing! I would advise you to get one, or more, would make a great gift for anyone who hates the cold and feels it worse than other people! I'm not trying to be fashionable, just warm, and this does the job. I had a fleece one before and it was just too loose to be warm, resist wind and cold; this is tight to the head and a great material; I'd love to get a body suit out of it for a base layer! This has been my favorite purchase for cold protection along with my Terramar sock liners for my whole life. I'm 47, so that's a long time to search for warmth! Enjoy!

UPDATE 1/28/17
Today it was 5 degrees F with no wind; I wear glasses so I can't wear this over my nose. I was out for a short time, 5-10 minutes, and could definitely feel the difference between my nose and parts under that were covered. My nose was freezing; the rest of my face was warm. I do wear a hat over this, but it does such a great job keeping my face warm.
I love the rose gold color and that it holds my ID and credit cards and money, the necessities to grab and go. It's great because it fits in a pocket, so when carrying a purse is too cumbersome, this works perfect. I also have a small cross body purse that is too small for my wallet, so this works perfect for that too.
Super comfortable, ran my long runs training for the NYC marathon in these. No rubbing!
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