Queen of Spades and Jack of Hearts Women's Triangle Bikini Swimsuit|designer shoe warehouse puerto rico_designer shoe warehouse pensacola

designer shoe warehouse puerto rico_designer shoe warehouse pensacola

It is a little easier to put things on or off but still not real simple. I would not buy it again and not worth $10.
came with a case cloth and all the paperwork, glasses in perfect condition thank you!!
all was good
Perfect for a quick trip to the store. Well made.
Bought this bag thinking it was a great small over the shoulder cross bag, turns out it's bigger then I expected but the quality of the bag is good and the liner is nice.
Perfect fit! Comfortable and stylish!
light weight but effective
This is a beautiful purse! I was not expecting this quality for the price, pleasantly surprised. I needed it for a wedding, but am sure I will use it for more. Shipped very quickly and comes with its own dust bag! Excellent buy!
These were a great deal and my favorite sunglasses until I lost them :(
Great lens. Colors pop. But my eyelashes seem to rub the lens when i blink and i do not have extra long eye lashes they are average length.
This ring is gorgeous! Very comfortable!
I expected a better shaded lens on the Wayfarer thought it would be dark from the photos. But the shade was light, which makes me wonder if its really polarized. Would go out to some Sunglasshut or any other store to check the authenticity of the polarized lens.

Would update once I look at it.
My husband wears a size 33. These not only fit perfectly, they are good quality, and the price was reasonable. We are very happy with this purchase.
Loved it very pretty
This purse is the perfect size, not too big and not too small, I love the one shoulder strap!
Soaks up all your sweat
love this thing. well made and will come in handy if the need arises.
Wallet came very fast. Quality was good and would buy again.
Its ok but it was too small had to return it.
Love it so far.
These socks were thin and did not stretch much. I would not purchase them again.
Great quality! Have purchased these twice as my fiance misplaced his first pair! He love them!
I liked every thing about this anklet. Measure your ankle t to make sure what size you want. First I got a size 9 which came above the ankle bone then I decided I wanted it lower so I got a size 10. Even though r
To be on the safe side Do not wear it in the water or beach water. It looks just like gold it is beautiful. I got the 2.2 mmm nicethickness. I love mine.
It was a little smaller than I thought but I do like it I'm glad I got it
Love this. I purchased three.
The blue lens bounces back a lot of glare and the top clip on is slightly in my field of vision, making it doubly annoying. I've tried the side clipons and haven't experienced any of these problems, and sizing them online much easier.
I haven't tried out the night lenses yet, hopefully they won't have a similar effect since the surrounding area will be darkened.
Nice & compact, beats a wallet any day!
Love it!!! Going to buy another and put it up. Great quality!!! Awesome
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