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Awesome feel ! fits slightly snug but in time will be exactly right. great quality
I bought this pair for the beach and after1 visit to the Caribbean there are dark spots all over the lenses disallowing you to see through them. Terrible.
Fits perfectly true to size
Met expectations. Wore on a 10 + hour International flight.
I ha ve been looking for socks that do not bind and cause swelling of my legs. These work beautifully.
Kinda Cheesy looking. Fake Ray Bans.
Decent, just too large for me, and something about the design... just didn't feel right.
The clincher was when I was out in town picking up a couple things. I seen someone wearing a similar product. If the fit didn't feel right, I knew why. Dude looked straight stoopiT. With a capital "T". He was younger than me, so he should have sportin the gear. Naw, bruh. Naw.
Had to return that day.
The shorts fit well and I am pleased with them so far. I was most pleased with your exchange system. Ii had misread the size chart and ordered one size too small. I went on line, completed the necessary form, got the return label ,shipped back the smaller shorts and have already received and begun wearing the appropriate boxers!
They were crap!
I like all that i have gotten!
I bought this shirt for my 14yo nephew for his first deep sea fishing trip. He absolutely loved it. Great for warm or cool weather! The sleeves are great that they can be worn long or rolled up to be short. Thanks, Amazon, for your excellent service!
A great slim wallet that's more than a money clip. Solid build quality and innovative and intuitive design. Highly recommended.
Very pretty and stylish!
Love this accessory to add to my crossbody and love the pattern!
Best wallet I have ever used! Great durability!!
Every pair I wore got holes in the toes after a single day. Terrible quality.
A very nice looking bag. The leather is pebble-grain, probably not nearly as durable over the long haul as a full-grin leather would be, but it does look and feel pretty good. Ironically since the pebble-grain is smooth to the touch, it feels less like real leather and could pass for faux leather, but this carries a better color and more robustness. Smart, medium-sized bag with pockets inside. You can zip up the main compartment underneath the flap, which itself doesn't have any form of attachment. My wife prefers this, however, as it takes away the fiddliness of having to buckle or attach magnetic clasps. Well-made bag!
Adorable - nice quality love it!
Way too large, the neck droops down, the body is huge, the fabric is thin and the color is drab. Amazon provided a refund without a return so I'll wash it and see if that makes things better.
These were purchased to go skiing. I wore the mask with a beanie, helmet, goggles, and didn't feel bulky. It really helped to keep my cheeks and nose from the cold air. The only issue I had was after a few hours of wearing the mask the area around my nose and mouth began to feel damp. Even though it was damp it was still more comfortable to have the mask on. I would wear the mask again the next time I'm out in the snow for an extended amount of time.
Too small
Once you get the hang of it this is an excellent belt that is smooth looking and perfectly adjustable.
Comfortable.. very.. really good value..
Looks great love the color my will too
This is actually my second pair if the Maui Jim Sugar beach the first pair was brown so I had to get the darker version......
They fit a little small
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