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Good quality, real leather.
I've ordered Hanes knit boxer briefs twice before and they were great. These "Comfort Flex" briefs, however, are thinner and not soft, but rather scratchy. They also fit much tighter; the L size barely fits me whereas previously the Hanes boxer briefs fit perfectly. Is "Comfort Flex" the cheap, low-quality line? Comfort Flex apparently refers to the waist band, which on these briefs is seems thinner. I just checked the label on the other one purchased previously and they say "Our Most Comfortable", not Comfort Flex. So either they changed to a lower quality garment or there is another, higher-quality line that looks identical. These suck; I hope the better line is still available.
Best belt I have ever owned. Cut it longer to allow multiple lengths that fit. The belt will last longer if you move the belt clip to fresh leather..
Sooooo beautiful I am obsessed. Came with two accessories and a cute little bookmark. Fast shipping as well! Pleasantly surprised!
These belts are nothing special by any means but work perfectly, are sturdy, and have lasted longer than many more expensive leather belts that I have owned.

They do come longer than I need but are easy to resize. Just take a pair of scissors to cut off the extra length (you may want to cut them at a slight angle or with a V shape just for style) and then run the edge under a lighter for just a moment so the edge 'fuses' to keep it from unraveling. I did this and you cannot even tell it was not done at the factory. It works perfectly.

If they ever wear out, I would buy them again.
After many years of using the same old money clip, I decided it was time to treat myself to a new one, it’s kind of pricey compared to other on here but. The quality and functionality is top notch. It hold everything in place and is soo stylish. The leather quality is amazing also. I been told that It makes me look rich when I pull it, hey it looks likes money in there!
Yo These Shirts are nice I Really Like them and I will be getting more of these most Definitely ....very happy with my Perchase ...thank you.
Very nice sunglasses for a great price. Next Amazon order I will be adding a second pair of a different style.
Great product especially for the price. I owned the ridge but lost it and this one is every bit as good for a fraction of the cost, I don’t notice any difference.
I like the way the socks feel
I've been a big fan of these boxers for a long time, until I received this order. I'll start from top to bottom:
The waistband fits as described, no issues and it felt no different from the other pairs I've previously owned.
The fabric was the same as the waistband, felt like the cotton it's advertised as. Because of the aforementioned two things, I could see giving these two stars.

The advertised "Leg bands to keep boxer briefs in place" is absolutely garbage. I'm now two pairs into the five-piece package and the thigh elastic has worn on both. The second pair, I literally wore for no more than five hours before I realized the elasticity was already shot.

Previous purchases of Hanes boxers were fantastic and I loved them, but the only "comfort" I take from this order is knowing that I will NOT be buying these boxers again.
Decent quality. Runs a little small.
Like the polarized lenses and wrap around glasses to block wind and sun. However, thought it would be larger in size. Might be fine for a small narrow face
Very thin fabric, I have bought very similar socks in the past but these are very thin. Not great for work boots.
Really wanted to love this watch.. Very easy to set up, but my screen arrived cracked! Packaging was flawless, and all internal boxes/packaging were completely fine. So my watch my just sent from the manufacturer cracked. No excuse. Quality control should have caught this. The very top right of the display screen is raised with a small crack above the st/sp writing, and the lower right of the display screen is raised with a crack stretching from the t in reset all the way to the r in water. Disappointed!
These suspenders are strong and durable. The clips are stronger and much less likely to slip as a "basic" pair of suspenders. I give them a thumbs up.
Corner thread frayed on the first day.
Perfect for work
Love the hat. just want i needed. Lightweight, fits perfect, sturdy well made..... its the perfect hat ever!!! wish I Knew about this earlier. :)
Exactly as described
I don’t want to slam this product. It just didn’t work on my VOLVO Key fob. The hole in the fob was too small and this ring could not rotate in the hole.
Good fit and good quality.
 I just received my tote today. Originally, it was supposed to come on Wednesday. I’m impressed with the fast delivery being that I placed the order the day before yesterday. I love the tote, it’s very elegant, classy, convenient. IT IS LEGIT GUYS. It’s real and exactly what I ordered. I’m satisfied with this purchase. Worth every penny. I will be shopping here again in the future. ❤️
Better than expected.
Beautiful, and it is just the right size. I bought this as a birthday gift for my 30 year old sister, and she loves it!
Received it today and absolutely love it! I’d never buy another brand. The quality is fantastic (I’ll update if it isn’t) lol
Great performance boxer briefs. I was worried about the sizing because on this site it has two different ranges, glad they worked out because I'll be packing these for my 8 weeks of basic training. I wanted something that will keep me dry and comfortable in a major time of need.
Fast the watch
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