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custom t shirts quick_custom t shirts quality

These glasses are great for protecting your eyes and eliminating sun glare, especially while driving. Having owned close to a dozen polarized sun glasses over the years, I can say without a doubt that these are one of my favorites. Their light weight, aerodynamic design and snug fit makes them excellent for wearing during a workout or while swimming. Highly recommend if you are looking for polarized sun glasses that enhance your vision and considerably while reducing sun glare. A+!
Great fit...great look...reversible...quick delivery.
Nice hats for a great price!
And stays up....wish they had it in other colors, but its what I've been looking for for years!
Unlike nearly all of the name brand belts- this one is not laminated with cheap materials and thin leather. I love it. It doesn't curl over or bend even when carrying tools or firearms. A really nice thick belt without frills. I'll probably get another, and with the price you can't go wrong.
I bought this belt a week ago. It looks nice but doesn't work that well. The end that goes into the buckle lock will pull out often so that the belt will fasten
They pull up alot higher than the picture shows, i have a 30'' inseam and they pull up to about an inch below my knee, however these socks last significantly longer with daily wear in my work boots than the haynes for fruit of the loom that i've tried in the past
Nice A+
Everything as expected!! Thank you!
Loved it. The pants stayed soft after multiple washes.
Fantastic product; Perfect for biking in NorCal
Great quality for the price, and it' light! Can't go wrong with it. Will definitely recommend for a budget pair of sunglasses yet with styling/quality/performance!
I will buy some more sunglasses..
Product fit as expected
A gift for my golfer friend! He liked the fit and look so much he wanted more!
Ordered XL shirt. Label on shirt reads XLTG. Seems extra long. Label on shirt packaging reads "XL". Can't find who to write to find out what means XLTG. Not a shirt or clothing size i've ever seen & didn't see it in product size listing.
It seems that the overall quality is not what it use to be, the collars have already starting to look very wored. I am very disappointed.
They're ok. They're Fruit of the Loom.. you know how they are. Slightly long and mediocre cotton quality. Bang for the buck.
They will be perfect for the hot weather as my husband has to wear long sleeves for work. He says they are very light and breezy. They do for a little large though he ordered a large and should have got a size medium I think.
Fits as expected. Extremely light, but fits very well.
It needed more credit card space
I work in the HVAC industry and I am up on roofs alot. Living in south Florida it can get pretty hot and humid. This shirt makes all the difference in the world.
Fits great. Works awesome. So easy to use and adjust. Highly recommended!!
The seams are coming apart from the waist band.
This wallet is absolutely fantastic. Designed with a little more surface area, I was a little concerned at first, but it really cuts down on the bulk of the other minimalist front pocket wallets I've had, and the design helps to not show the profile of the wallet in your pocket. I couldn't be happier with this.
I learned that these shirts come in the correct size, I had ordered a size up in a different color and needed to order again those then ordered them in this color and orange. All fit well and all help me stay out of the sun and still be comfortable in the summer.
good fit
Pretty and durable. Love the Gold Toe brand.
I thought I was getting a good deal - the quality level is commensurate to the price. Seams aren't covered inside like in better quality shorts. The product is decent though, at least out of the bag. I haven't washed it yet, so we'll see how well it holds up.
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