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custom clothing labels uae_custom t shirt labels uk

Good socks, I haven't had them long so I can't say how long they will last but my first impressions are positive. They are as they appear to be in the pictures, color and fit is good. They are a bit thicker as crew socks are supposed to be. Getting six pairs for the price makes them a good value. I have had many pairs of Gold Toe socks in the past and they were always good socks.
I have been looking for some decent socks for my hubbie. He works outside the majority of the time and always puts on two pairs of socks regardless of what his day looks like. His old military socks are completely worn out and he wanted some socks that were similar in style, comfort and functionality. I came across the Fox River socks when I was sock surfing on amazon. I bought two pairs and hoped for the best. I immediately got worried because he said I should have bought medium size instead of large. He was afraid the socks would not stay up. Of course, this was before he tried them on. That changed once he did. He said that they fit great (over the calf length, staying in place and not sagging, comfortable thick material). He did not officially wear a pair for a couple of weeks. Then OH MY!!! He was very happy. Said that these were the most comfortable socks he has had on in a long time. On top of that, he did not wear two pairs of socks only the fox river socks. He asked me to buy him a couple more pairs. From a woman that struggles to find the right socks, shoes, etc for a very picky man, these socks are worth the money. I cannot attest to the quality yet until he has worn the socks for a while. I believe the socks will stand up to his rigorous daily activity.
Everything I dreamed it would be great wallet.
I love these earrings. Perfect size for a gal who's only 5'2". Thank you Amazon.
Well made, color nice, compartments are lined nicely, side pockets tight enough to hold things but not so tight that they would be hard to use, zippers all work as they, compartments all big enough to function as I hope. Would rather have a way to shorten the strap to suit my preferences...
I love them!
Simple, clean, and fashionable. I’m really into this “wallet”
Nice summer robe!
Small ones are the best and they don’t turn green real silver
good fit
Excellent quality for value. I'm just so happy it's medium large and soft. AND it has little feet on the bottom!
I took the silly tassel off, but that's just a matter of taste.
I wish there were an outside pocket, but that's what organizing pouches are for.
I'm happy.
I already owned two pairs of these shorts and they are my favorites for comfort and a decent casual look. Buying clothes online can be risky but the ordering process was easy and the shorts I received are perfect. Now I can order some more.
Fits perfectly
Great quality for the price! Roomy and does not look cheap.
LOVE THEM - Grandson has OAKLEYs and saw these that look very similar - loved loved them!! Great lenses come with it for different experiences and vision requirements.
great so far! Didn’t come with something to clean the lense though... but I’m satisfied
Perfect xmas gift and can fit as needed for each person ! Good quality
I had to buy 3. One for me, one for my spouse, and one because a friend stole mine lol. I keep my 4 everyday cards in this clip. I reduce it to 2 essential cards on nights out. This clip is so convenient, I barely use my purses anymore!
Have used size 2xl for yrs. These were where marked 2xl but are really xl. purchased a package of 2xl somewhere else and they fit fine.
Ordered across the oceans - usually such an item is a personal buy in a store after trying. Ordered based on thousands of reviews and found it as stated in those reviews and a great value for money. Just right fit, complete with Polarised Test Card, a nice Cover, MF lens Wipe, and a miniature screwdriver, look forward to using at the Golf Course. The hinges are spring loaded. I ordered another popular Brand along and found that not as nice as DUCO.
Nice fit and durable. Wear mine for work. I do Maintenance.
I like the texture, however they are very small....
I wanted something to hold my credit cards in and finally found it. It is great.
Love this wallet! Looking to get the matching bag!!
Love it. Holds all my "stuff".
Simple, cheap, durable and comfortable
Just what i was looking for .. good quality hat for the price
Item as described was about 30 minutes late on the delivery but that is not the seller's fault.
Great purchase
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