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custom t shirt edmonton_custom t shirt europe

Very comfy!!
Good pants for the price I paid.
They sell this brand at REI Stores, so I went over there to give them a try. Very light and high quality lenses. Bought them here on Amazon due to price.
These shorts look nicer on then in pic!
They look good on the picture but when I receive the bag look real cheap very low product!!!
Soles are not as thick as I'd like otherwise they're a good weight for summer.
Excellent product
It was a gift

Have not seen garment on the wearer
Great quality and fits well (I have a larger size head too). I was trying to find a beach hat that will hold up, and this seems to fit the bill, and looks good too. There are not a lot of great options for this kind of hat, so I wanted to make sure and pass along my endorsement.
I liked the feel of the material and the fact it maintained it's size after washing. I do recommend washing this color by itself the first time because it did release some dye.
Good fit
Good quality and lightweight
Heavy nice fit
They were too big.
I really like the colors and durability of this product. Performance is very good for the cost. My big issue is the sizing. The sock is far too tight around the lower ankle which is cutting off circulation to a small degree. I have a permanent indentation in my skin from the sock being very tight around my ankle which lasts for a day after I remove the socks. I no longer can wear them for 24 hours without being uncomfortable. I have never had this issue with any socks I have previously owned including no-show socks. I have a few pairs of Oakley no-show socks and the elastic band around the ankle is far more forgiving. If it were not for this issue I would rate them 5 starts. Please make this product have more elastic capabilities around the lower ankle. I would love to purchase these again.
I use it for work (teaching) everyday. Great buy. All black is perfect. Definitely recommend!
The socks were fine quality for the price, but they were too small so we returned them.
Bracelets are so cute and well made BUT I only received one of the cards :( messed up my bridesmaid boxes!
Beautiful and cheaper
Nice to be without a bulky wallet. Holds everything I need and is very thin.Excellent!
My husband loved it so much
These mitts really exfoliate. We're talking rolls of dead skin everywhere. Do NOT use on your face- these mitts are too rough for that. They do shrink, so folks with larger hands should consider the towel version of these.
I have been abusing this bad since the day I got it. It's over stuffed and way too heavy and by all means should have busted a seam or zipper or SOMETHING by now... but nope. It is tough as nails! Inuse it as my everything bag... purse if you will, though I dislike that term... a purse is for coins... This bag holds up to my horde of stuff and tossing it down at the end of a long day...and even my toddler tearing everything out of it over and over again on the daily. Seriously, aside from my ShootSac camera bag, this is the best bag I have ever purchased and worth every penny. It's been about six months and I gotta say, I've never had a bag I use daily, last this long. Sometimes, it's so full, I cant zip some of the zippers but it just wont break!! (Not that I'm trying to bust it..) The only problem is that I have to remember not to put anything small in the back pocket because when I have it that full, the zipper on the bottom tends to come open and change and other small items fall out... pens, earrings, etc. When this bag is filled appropriately and not over stuffed... I think it is indestructible and might be made of magic and dragon scales. I forking love this bag!
Long enough to be a mini skirt
Good quality. Lots of room for all of my hundeds.
Great !!!
what you'd expect from oakley
Got this necklace for my niece and it was perfect. Great size and quality was great as well.
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