orange Black Low Top Canvas Shoes|custom hydro dipped shoes for sale_custom men's dress shoes for sale

custom hydro dipped shoes for sale_custom men's dress shoes for sale

Decent for the price
I loved my backpack. It’s super cute. Hold a lot of things. I carry everything I would need in that day. Books, notebooks, lunch, snacks, keys & wallet. Everything.
great price wife loved the gift.
To be fair, the one star rating reflects my expectations with the product, and not necessarily the quality of it. I'm writing this review as a warning to others buying these shorts with similar expectations as mine.

If you are purchasing these shorts expecting them to fit the same as the Silver Ridge pants when zipped off, then you will be disappointed. I have two pairs of the Silver Ridge pants version of these, which I absolutely love. I am 5'10", 170 lbs, 32 inch waist, with slimmer legs. I love wearing the Silver Ridge pants as shorts because they fit tighter through the thighs, which complements thinner legs.

I bought these shorts (size 32x10) under the impression that they'd fit exactly the same as the pants, but that's not the case. Instead of a 10 inch diameter leg opening, these shorts have an 11.5 inch leg opening, so they fit much looser toward the knee. See pictures.

In summary, if you like that the Silver Ridge Pants fit tight, then keep buying the pants, as you won't find that tight fit with these. If you're fine with a more traditional loose fit then these pants are a good choice.
I liked the pockets. Nice and deep. Waist fit good Just way to long. I’m 5 11. 240. More in my belly than my ass. I ordered large.
Excellent belt! Looks outstanding!
Me encantaron puedo ver muy bien. Los uso a Diario para trabajar bajo el sol
LOVE THESE. great fit now i want all the colors lol.
Son loved them. Seem very soft.
Other than them being shorter than I expected they are good
My foot size is right on the division of sizes for these socks. Went with the larger size. Have to fuss with the heel pocket positioning when putting them on. Often get a wrinkle under my foot which is very uncomfortable.
The legs are too tight for my husband.
Very nice,lots of compartments
Great glasses
Great set at a great price. Good carte's quality
I would not buy again. The buckle does not hold tension on the belt very well. I have to tighten several times a day because belt comes loose.
nice fits well
The clasp was too stiff to use without ruining your fingernail. Returned.
This jeans looks just right the way jeans supposed to look! Very comfortable and elegant at the same time. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for old school looking jeans
Very nice quality and fit. The only problem was with colors, i chose red, blue,grey, and dark grey and received black, white, grey and navy blue.
Very disappointing, please dont advertise what will not be received, very misleading.
These are perfect if you want just a little extra warmth, and they work especially well under ski helmets.
This is a great wallet. Honestly, the way it came out waa wonderful. I picked Gray as you can see. And the feel of the wallet is, perhaps the first thing you notice when having it on your hands. I like this wallet already. You won't regret getting this wallet!:)

Totally worth it.
I have carried my wallet in a front pants pocket for years, having back issues and being told that front pocket carry is better for the spine. Consequently I look for wallets that are smaller than average for better comfort. I perused the hundreds of wallets available on AMAZON and elsewhere on the internet, and decided that this Vaultskin wallet most closely matched what I was looking for in size, appearance, materials, and features, my only concern being the many negative comments about the zipper reliability. I have had the wallet for a couple of weeks now, and couldn't be happier with my purchase. The wallet is everything I had hoped for and expected from Vaultskin; the leather is high quality and supple, promising to look and feel better with age, as fine leather should. The cut and stitching are very good, and the features and size are just what I wanted. I have not had any problems with the zipper (yet), and hope I won't. Zipper problems would take my rating from 5 stars to 0 stars; however, the wallet has plenty of room for everything I normally carry (I don't stuff my wallet with credit cards, receipts, and cash until its bloated and busting at the seams), so unless the zipper is truly of inferior quality I expect to be happy with my Vaultskin for years to come
I wear one size or another several times a week. I have multiple holes in each ear but most times only use one or two. These are nice because I have sizes to choose from.
I really like how close to the ear these sit but still catch the light nicely. The mounting style is quite unique.
Bottom of pockets not stitched
Very happy with purchase!!
The material is nice, soft and solid colors.
Cheap. Not the rugged Levi's you expect. Pants ripped first day from wasteband down side of rear pocket. Back to Wrangler for me. Half the price
Waz 2 smol 4 meh
The best! Kinda mad I didn’t buy two packs because the print I want is out of stock now. But they’re worth it!! They stay cool and allow mobility.
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