Gravel Print Pattern Texture White EVA Low Top Canvas shoes|how do you design your own shoes_yellow shoes design disney

how do you design your own shoes_yellow shoes design disney

Keeps me cooler on my morning walk and keeps sun and bugs at bay.
These fit and feel great. However, scratched SUPER easily. Just keep them in the case and you'll be golden. Sitting in a bag... no bueno. I do like them enough that I may buy more though ;)
Two months,still smells terrible.
Single Ply Cotton. Not enough materiel to last for a few minutes with a cold. Ironing required for each handkerchief.
A complete waste of money.
The first time I wore a pair they were soft and it fits well. I haven't worn them after I have washed.
Niece loved it.
No frills briefs that do the job while provising comfort and support. The cotton material is very absorbent, soft, calming, and relaxing. Fits perfectly and it doesn't cut circulation nor does it prod and poke in unnecessary places. Thank you.
Purchased because I lost my first pair of these. Couple of years later my wife while cleaning out our older car for sale found the old one hidden under one of the seats. Yea, now I have a pair for each car! Thanks Hon!

What more can you say, they're Ray-Ban's!
Great fit
Heavy duty is great as my husband is hard on socks. These should wear well.
First things first, the hat came NOT SMASHED. Still propped up nice. Not a shaggy loose front like others on here. A++++ for that.

Hasn’t fallen apart, wore it for a few work days in construction so far.
I use these as work socks. I work in a kitchen on my feet for 10 or more hours a day and I end up going through a lot of socks. These end up getting holes in them pretty fast.
Just got these a few days ago. I have bigger thighs than most people, and they fit great without cutting off my blood supply. Really light and breathable, so I don't have to worry about getting over heated at work!!!
I have tried a lot different brands and even high-end, these are great. Better then those high-end sunglasses.
I like the protection it offer, I like its quality, and it’s looks. I wish it had clear picture/card slots.
good pair of sunglasses for the price. Other reviews have talked about how clear the lenses were. I did some comparisons with other pairs of glasses I have, all less than $50 and found them to be right around the middle of the pack in terms of clarity. These definitely have their place though with the good grip they keep on your head and the lack of any substantial weight. These are great play glasses...something you won't be torn up about if you scratch them or crunch them.
Quality is good, price reasonable, the belt is very long, so you can cut it to adjust the size. The look is slick. (style 2 black)

I like the ratchet design. For previous ratchet belts that I had the release knob is the part that tends to break over time. This one looks different, I hope this different design gives it more durability.

I happened to have my older racket belt, so I didn't cut this new one. My old one works perfectly with this new buckle. One small issue I found annoying is sometimes the belt doesn't smoothly go through the tunnel for it... most likely due to me using my old belt though.

Overall great product, I would definitely recommend.
Super cute
Love love love this bag!! Perfect size for me and it fits nicely on the shoulder (i was worried it wouldn't be long enough) color is awesome too, very happy I've finally found a purse I like! 👍👍
being 6'4" and not into thigh high shorts i loved these things.
Excelente!!! Tiene mucho espacio y es bien práctica.
great product. exactly what is described!
These were in fact my third ray-bans (all aviators) - and so far my favorite. I love the Ray ban aviators (as you may have guessed) - they have a great balance on the nose - and very often I just forget I'm wearing them if it is too bright.
The brown tint works with any complexion/hair and is great for any amount of sun.
Awesome fit ! These are great underwear; and the material is fantastic !
Nice pants
A bit large but it's very comfortable
Worked a year, then the screw snapped apart and all my keys went flying.

I can't even order a new screw, because it snapped in such a way that I can't get the remaining screw piece out of the post.
Affordable and My niece loves it!.. Thanks ...
Very, very pretty. Good quality.
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