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designer shoes for graduation_designer shoes for groom

Great socks
Very comfortable and fits as expected.
Very nice quality
Solid hat. Color exactly matches the picture so that made me happy.
Maybe because these are completely cotton without any spandex it causes them to sag and stretch and ride up. After only a few wears and washes they are useless. I do not recommend this product for anyone.
Would purchase again. Been using for about a few months everyday at work.
I have bought two of these belts, so far, in different colors, and I am totally satisfied. The belt is easy to cut to length, but it is sturdy enough that the first one shows no signs of wear after around six months of almost daily use probably because it does not receive the stress that other belts do when being bent and pulled through a standard buckle. What is most important though is that the fit is as adjustable as advertised: a slight tug tightens while a discreet touch of the lever releases.
This was also a gift its a little big but overall love it
Received my bag today!!! I am so happy and excited! No issues as far as the pattern or broken zipper/button...only down side is the inside pock is very small in the pictures it shows it could hold a cell phone but the one I received..well the pocket can only hold some change or small lip gloss..maybe a card or 2. Buy over all I am happy!!
Nice shirt.
Very happy with this purchase
This thing just arrived, and it smells like somebody's stinky body odor. Super gross. No mistake about it. Wondering WTF!?
These shorts are extremely comfortable. This is the second pair I have bought so far. However, the pocket ripped almost immediately which is why I am only giving them 4 stars.
Great small wallet for the price.
My grand daughter loved it
I read the reviews before I bought this wallet and several mentioned the snaps coming off. I have not had any problems. The wallet is well made and has so much room for everything I need or want to carry. I particularly was looking for room for a checkbook and a pen-this has both and does not feel bulky or bulge with checkbook, register and a pen. The leather is beautifully soft and supple. I have been using the wallet for over a month and it is just as I received it. It is everything as advertised and I am fully satisfied.
Good value.
Best sunglasses!
Thank you, this item works well for me.
I love these face masks! They are easier to wear around to protect yourself. I have also worn them as a headband and to cover my hair while sleeping and they are excellent! Better than most headbands because they stay in place
really nice shirt for the price
This is just what I was looking for; small and compact, yet large enough to hold several credit cards, plus cash and coins. I love it.
UPDATE: Had problems but management sent me a replacement gratis - still can't use it for my bike but kudos to them.

I purchased this to use on my motorcycle. It is very warm but also it's very tightened hurts my head. I have a Shoei helmet and while I can fit the helmet over the balaclava it tight and it hurts both sides of my face. I am male 6'0" and my 5 year old son tried it on thinking I ordered a Ninja mask and it seemed to fit him but not on my head.

Also I doesn't cover lie the photo. It's very difficult to move around once it's on since there not much wiggle room but it protects like it says it does.

I'll probably end up purchasing something else. This was very expensive for the money and now it's just going to be used as a Ninja mask for a 5 year old.
Cheap price, good but not great, you get what you paid for.
Love this bag!!!!!
Not happy with this glasses. The glass came out the next day
They sent this hat in a plastic bag. Looks like they forced it into a bag not even suitable for the hats size. The hats crown had a crease from being folded and mashed. The fabric seems durable. The sweat band seems weak. They charged me to return it. Not impressed with this purchase.
I bought three pair about two years ago and loved them. I don't know what the negative reviews are talking about, the new ones I just bought are exactly the same weight, thickness and size as my old ones. The only difference is the writing on the side. The old ones are still like new after repeated washing. Great socks. I work outdoors all year long and these socks keep my feet warm and dry. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.
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