blue Pillow Cover|custom shoe box jordan_custom jordan shoe box storage

custom shoe box jordan_custom jordan shoe box storage

Perfect day bag...both for shopping and city touring...very spacious...looks good lightly packed and also when packed to the brim...received lots of compliments on how nice it looked! :-)
Looks pretty
Nice size. Thought it would be more durable!
Completely satisfied! It's authentic and came brand new in original packaging.
It fits good
Good quality
,well made, fit well,
High quality, at an extremely reasonable price. I love this bag, perfect size, and have received several compliments on it!
Love this. Soft and sturdy. I wish I would have had something like this years ago.
Received this item and not the same cowhide pattern as shown on the picture.
My granddaughter loves this
Ok cheap running shorts. Nylon does not breathe but dries fast. Fabric snags easily.
Exactly what my headline says, this wallet feels great and has more than enough room for the essentials
Crossbody strap is durable and easily adjustable. People notice the whimsical cats of Laurel Burch everywhere. I can fit my I-pad in it and zip it shut if I don't overfill it. Outer pocket is perfect for my phone and other things I want to access quickly.
When I ordered these earrings my 18 month old had already been through about 20 pairs of earrings. They never stayed in more than a few days before she'd lose one. We had tried a pair of screw on earrings before and they had also only lasted a few days. I even ordered two pairs of these, thinking that at least if she lost one we'd have a backup and she wouldn't be mismatched. Well, it's been over two months and she has yet to lose one! I am SO Thankful that these actually stay in! I also like the fact that they don't screw all the way to the back of the ear, so we don't have to worry about getting them too tight. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good pair of earrings that will stay in. They are also very beautiful and haven't shown any sign of wear or tarnish.
Very comfortable
Good quality. Exactly as described.
im a 31 waist. buy a size or 2 larger. i bought 34 and i have only 2 buckle holes to use.
I love it. It is just the right size for what I was looking for. Lots of pockets. Made of soft, but sturdy material. All zippers work. I could not be happier.
Nothing to dislike.
I like how it fits me.
Great price and product A+
I really waited awhile before reviewing this bag because it had so much potential. The style of the bag is really stylish and it looks good. Then what is the problem you may ask? The problem is the handle of the bag. The bag is wide and can hold alot (just what every woman needs) however it will be a daily struggle to get anything out of this bag. The handle is only 13 inches long and it lays down the centre of the bag. Because the handle is so short, you have to literally move the tight handle out of the way to access your contents in the bag. Additionally because of the short, tight handle, you are unable to wear this bag on the shoulder with any level of confort. I contacted the sellers and inquired why the handle length was not included in the product description, especially since they admitted that persons had returned the bag because of the handle length. I have checked again and the handle length is still not included in the description. But this information is included in the description of other bags sold by this company. So the moral of this story is, the bag looks great. It is big enough to "tote" all your junk. But the handle is ridiculously short and cannot be worn on the shoulder confortably. If you never intend to wear it on your shoulder when you get tired of toting it around on your forearm and you dont mind prying open the opening of the bag to access your stuff then this is the perfect bag for you. I would have given 2 1/2 stars if I knew how to give 1/2 a star. Looks good though and I would consider purchasing from this seller again once I review the information more carefully. As a rule, if vital information is missing, it is usually for a reason. LOL.
My fiancé loves these shirts. Perfect fit!
Purchase as a bday gift for my niece and she just loved it! She was so excited and kept going on about how cute is was, what a perfect size and how she just loved the ivory color. Perfect gift gift a great girl...thank you.
Very nice for little girls
Great cap but have order one size smaller
This belt is everything it says it is! I purchased this for my dad but the only complaint is he prefers it in 1.5 inch instead of the 2 inch. Otherwise I recommend it! Love that it’s made in the USA!
So far I like the light weight of the belt and for the price it’s a great value.
Great wallet. My grandson love the red plaid lining. Leather feels good.
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